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 No Agenda

As you all know tomorrow’s show is pre-produced and will feature a compilation of important clips from the past five years. Anyone getting a producer’s credit for contributing to the Thursday or following Sunday show will get those credits, as usual, when the show is posted on the website.  All other donors plus the producers will also get a call out on August 1.

This same policy holds true for the upcoming Sunday show. That show will feature two very cool  interviews. Don't miss it!

People have been asking for occasional interviews and we try to do them as separate “specials” rather than No Agenda shows. This is an exception.

We hope to show you how much we care about continuing to produce shows, even when on short vacation. This tells you how much you , the producers, mean to us. So please continue your support of the show during this lone week with a generous contribution of any amount here, or on the donation page here.

Your hosts
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS Read John’s blog post about how he turns a robocall into a plea to listen to No Agenda. You should  do the same thing too.

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