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Producers and Supporters,

This Thursday marks the 100th Show with people contributing $69.69 even though nobody on the show has ever solicited (until now) this amount. There was no real reason to request it when it began spontaneously. We are finally adding $69.69 as a new donation level. Maybe institutionalizing it will end the streak. Click here to keep the streak alive.

And that's the way No Agenda works. We cannot remind you enough that this is your show. You send us suggestions on what to analyze and we do it. You also support the show with direct contributions.

We have yet to find a winning idea for our upcoming 500th show. We'd like you, the producer, to think of something unique.

This Thursday's show.

The news is not as slow as you might think if you watch the Nightly news. We've been examining a lot of legislation and listening to some unique panels on CSPAN. There was even one with some major CIA players to discuss the realities or lack thereof of the movie Zero Dark Thirty. Was it completely orchestrated by the Agency? Or not?

And why is the chart below important? You can find out Thursday.

We have a great show lined up for you!

John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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