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Dear Producer,
As we enter the summer months, the news cycle continues as the public finds alternative forms of entertainment. We advise you to continue to keep your No Agenda Show as part of your weekly routines. Many of you have not contributed to the future of the show for a while; please consider a contribution today by clicking here. It is very slow so far this week.

On the Thursday No Agenda Show we analyze the peculiar NBC News “exclusive” interview with Ed Snowden, which by its very nature is highly edited making it dubious at best. You won’t want to miss this discussion.

The first thing you notice about this interview is an attempt to reset the Snowden narrative to something new.  He’s now James Bond, of sorts. A synopsis of the new narrative is here on the BBC website. What is the point of this? You will find out on tomorrow’s show.

We also begin the countdown to the six week cycle that should produce an event around June 15. As you’ve noticed the events have been very minor and not worthy of major coverage and public obsession. This may be due to blowback regarding the effectiveness of the surveillance state to actually protect anyone. Every event, as long as the cycle continues, will provide more insight into this issue.


The mask is my girlfriend's idea!

And tomorrow there will be some final thoughts on the recent trips to Japan and Detroit.

Finally, the Show will continue the double-nickels-on-the-dime promotion for another week. Please click here for a fast and easy $55.10 contribution to support the show through the summer months.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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This will be our escape!
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