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The Thursday Show
Adam will finally reveal his Fukushima investigation on Thursday as we failed to go anywhere near it on Sunday because of the crazy discussion of the Bertha Foundation. And we have news on that too!

There is plenty to discuss on Thursday including the new Obama dog with a major crackpot theory as to why did the Obama’s suddenly get a new dog. You No Agenda regulars might be able to predict what we are going to say.

While we look at the continued pipeline wars in the Middle East you can be sure there will be very little coverage of the new baby King George. We also do not care about the possibility that Apple will release a gold iPhone. Who cares?

But there is still a bunch of weirdness going on with the Internet as Amazon sites went down for 25 minutes without a known attack or anything else. We expect to see more and more of this and have it eventually blamed on some foreign entity so the USA can spend billions on Cyberwarfare.

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