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Dear Producers,

Here’s the problem with the mainstream media. There are a series of weird videos propagating across the country as this is written. They claim an attack of FEMA Region III (area around Washington, DC) us being planned and DHS is arming itself to the teeth to battle urban riots. Also, the Russians Army is coming to help fight against Americans.

Besides FEMA Region III it appears as if Austin, TX is a target too.

This is the kind of news story that should be immediately analyzed by the large reporting organizations as they have the resources to actually visit one of the cited sources, a long retired 75-year-old former State Senator from South Dakota named Sheldon R. Songstad.

Apparently only your No Agenda Show has the ability to get to the bottom of this propaganda assault on the public as well as determining the causes. The mainstream media will get to work after your No Agenda Show leads the way. Seriously, this is sad. The best compilation video, designed to scare the public, can be found on YouTube here. Have a laugh.

And Congratulations to the No Agenda Show. No, not for the sixth anniversary of the show, but for the six week cycle staying intact as the Navy Yard shooting on Sept. 15th falls within the time frame. Again, the message is simple. Keep the AR-15 out of the hands of the public. Oh, and avoid hiring contractors.

The next occurrence should take place in and around October 28th which coincidentally will maintain the “6” week cycle right on the week of the No Agenda Show “6” anniversary. Wow. A sign to donate?

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Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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