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Something funny happened on the Sunday Show. Just as Adam said that “right now would be the exact moment for our famous 6-week terrorist incident cycle”, supposedly a can or box or something which had supposed VX GAS was found in a postal facility at the JFK airport.  And anyone who deals with this deadly nerve gas knows you always set the canister to “leaking” so you can kill yourself before you ship it to who knows where.

When we first heard this we figured it was a broken perfume bottle or something and, in fact, it was nail polish. Disaster averted with plenty of time left in the week for a real would-be disaster.

This still points to a greater likelihood that there will be closer scrutiny of the US Postal system with the long term goal of making it less secure from the NSA and other government snoops who are prevented from opening your mail by law.

We’ve identified the war on the post office years ago and it’s going into full force in the years ahead as the surveillance state is completed and we’ll all be living in a virtual prison state.

Do you recall Ron Paul suggesting that the walls to keep out the Mexicans might be walls to keep Americans trapped? This was during one of the debates and he was roundly criticized for the comment. Who is laughing now?

You’ll get a great show on Thursday when weirdness in Africa is discussed along with some new deconstructions. We’ll also discuss the latest No Agenda promotion, the sixth anniversary of the show in October.

 Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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