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Dear Producers,

If you want to try and understand the mediocrity of analysis in both the mainstream media and the alternative media too, you should read the article on the PaidContent blog on how writing for free is "not slavery."

The author, associated with the blog, attacks an op-ed piece in the New York Times where the writer there is complaining that today so many people are writing for free that almost nobody can get paid any amount of money any more. All you really have to do to analyze this new scene and the whether it is true or not is to look at the results.

Coverage at all levels of information exchange is dreadful. The pressure from the free content folks is overwhelming everything including the mainstream media which no longer maintains foreign bureaus, has few stringers, and cannot afford to finance deep investigative reporting.

This is so apparent because there is obvious logical inconsistency and shallowness apparent in most major stories today. You all recognize this problem. Your No Agenda Show cuts through this fog. And its done for your benefit because you support the show with direct and important contributions based on the value-for-value model. The show works for you, not the other way around. as is the case with the corrupting advertising-based media where you are the product.

You are a direct participant in a media revolution. In the process you receive over 20 hours of news coverage and analysis that no other outlet can manage. Many are too busy worrying about what the advertiser thinks.

Please think of your No Agenda Show the next time you do anything to entertain yourself. Is the show worth more than an Audible book? Is it worth more than spending all that money to watch The Lone Ranger movie? Look at your cable bill and calculate what it costs you in a year.

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Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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