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With only two executive producers of any sort last Sunday, the producers have to step up as we head to the show 600 and the March doldrums. Please go to the support page as soon as you can and contribute to tomorrow’s show. So far this week, it looks grim.


Grim? What happens to me?

The Thursday show is promising to be phenomenal because the news is getting more interesting by the day. Too bad the mainstream corporate media is not digging deeper, there is gold there. But they get their gold in other ways, right? Advertising.

Advertising. Mmmmmm. I love it.
Screw No Agenda!
A few items of interest tomorrow include some tech news coming out of Barcelona; and what’s the real deal with Netflix and Comcast and you?

Meanwhile, action in Ukraine continues as its President flees to Crimea. Your No Agenda Show was the first to tell you that the little Republic of Crimea will be the centerpiece of some International action.


Ever heard of the Crimean War?
John has a weird tidbit from the Economic Hitman. Chuck Hegel wants to shrink the Armed Forces? Or does he really? The Egyptian cabinet walks out and quits. Why?

The early Red Book prediction that Piers Morgan would not be a keeper on CNN has come to fruition, but is it too late for the network?

One of the great things about your No Agenda Show are the resources the show does for you. This means show notes. This is a collection of the documents used to deconstruct stories. There is nothing on the web that comes close.

Instead of random people prattling on expressing what they think is going on based on what others tell them is going on, your No Agenda Show has the goods. Actually, the documents, pdf files, links to sources, videos and more. This is all found here.

A lot of high school and college students use the No Agenda archives to develop essays and papers using this data. It’s very difficult to argue against popular opinion that has been molded by mass media nonsense and government lies propagated by radio and TV. Unless, that is, you have the proof. We provide that free-of-charge as part of your No Agenda Show.

Please continue to support these important efforts by contributing today.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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