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Holiday Edition

Dear Producer,
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The show would like to wish you a Happy Memorial Day weekend. This goes for all the American producers of the No Agenda Show. On my way to the Detroit airport to head back to California I was actually stunned while driving through New Boston, Michigan by the number of vets taking donations in exchange for the buddy poppy you can wear as a lapel decoration to commemorate those who served in foreign wars.
I have not seen this in California for 30 years because, apparently, California does not care about any of past American history. On Sunday San Francisco is, in fact, having a lame parade celebrating (this is no joke) Brazil and its upcoming Olympics.It's a faux Carnivàle and it is supposedly the largest “Carnivàle” celebration on the West Coast. Scenes from last year’s event are pathetic, especially when compared to real Carnivàle. San Francisco is on the left, Brazil on the eight.
So what's the point of this in San Francisco?

Anyway, back to the real holiday and commemoration. Those of you who are International listeners have your own variations of this day such as VE day. Hopefully you'll be listening to the show, but note that there is always a holiday drop off in listeners and contributions, so please contribute what you can. Find something on the support page and help load balance. We have a lot to talk about on the Sunday Show.

Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
PS if you are traveling this weekend, drive safely.
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Going too far? Probably.
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