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And the 28th is our 6th anniversary. They said it couldn’t be done. When we started the show it began to evolve immediately and has become something unlike any other news presentation show anywhere. And, it’s all for you, the producers and supporters. Help us celebrate.

On tomorrow’s show there is some odd news being pumped out about Fukushima that may be to keep people from saying to themselves that the odd pollution episode occurring in Harbin, China would be completely mitigated by nuclear power. Greeners will be advocating more wind power. This of course ignores the fact that one reason for the death smog is the lack of wind in the first place.

If you have been to China you will have noticed that it is commonly overcast making solar problematic. Yet nobody discusses nuclear as the Fukushima event stays in the news.

Here’s something to think about. This came from a press release. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates students and graduates are currently carrying $1 trillion in total student loan debt! The average debt is $24,301 and 60 percent of students borrow annually to help cover costs. Of those with federal loans more than one in ten is in default.

Cheery news. Gak.

All this and more on tomorrow’s show.
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