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Dear Producers,

Attached to this newsletter is this link
to the astonishing 129 page White Paper regarding the so-called anti-gay Russian legislation as promoted by the American media and debunked as such by your  No Agenda Show and further debunked by white paper author, Brian Heiss, who researched and produced this thorough report.

The entire anti-gay and anti-Putin propaganda stemming solely from the US government may relate to the embarrassing fact that Ed Snowden is using Russia as a sanctuary from the American government. This is a tremendous humiliation to the US State Department. Creating this false narrative about anti-gay Russian sentiment is part of a seemingly never-ending attack on Russia and its Olympics. The Russians must be punished for disobedience. Putin needs to be humiliated.

The joke of this is that if the easily incensed and corrupt International Olympic Committee  figures out this scam, it could hurt the USA chances of ever seeing another Olympics of any sort on US soil for decades. This may be the only benefit as far as No Agenda is concerned. In the meantime, read the facts and see how the public -- gay and straight -- are being manipulated again.

You may have been highly amused by the recent WSJ article on verbal tricks used by politicians and others. The producers and supporters of No Agenda have been far in front of the curve on this issue. Again this shows you the overall value of your No Agenda Show.


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