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Dear Producers,

2013 is off to a slow start for donations and let's hope that changes soon. Click here now to help.
Adam is still in Holland, but hopefully he'll not have to remain there for much longer. A lot of you wanted to know what Adam's podcasting rig looked like in Amsterdam so here are a couple of pictures. This is a non-trivial rig, by any standard.

At least it should keep the room warm.
With the New Year, we are moving away from signet rings to a lapel pin for our newly minted Knights of the No Agenda roundtable. You will get one of these once they are designed. So we are asking you, the producer, to help us design the pins.
The pins would be a great way for you to identify other No Agenda knights in situations where you might intermingle. Thus, the pin has to be easy identifiable in some way or other without being too large or tacky looking. This challenge will take a while to execute.
If you are an early No Agenda Knight, you can add the pin to your collection by clicking here and donating an additional $33.33 and we will send you the pin when they become available, which may not be for a while. But you will be in the database. This donation idea was presented and agreed upon by a slew of Knights. The idea was proposed by a Knight and discussed on the show.
Are you taking advantage of the show notes? You should be. The No Agenda Show notes are an incredible public service that you should read religiously. The notes always contain great links and fantastic clips. Each show has a separate set. Just add the show number and a dot to nashownotes.com. For example 450.nashownotes.com will give you the notes for show 450.
Finally, did you know that you can re-post the No Agenda Show on your own blog? Just use the mp3 links you can find as a direct link to show at the No Agenda Show website. Use any player you want.
Make sure to listen to this Thursday’s show where we again bring you the kind of information you cannot find anywhere else.
Thank you for all your support
 John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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