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As you know, Adam and John do not rehearse the show and develop material independently. Much of it turns out to be complementary. This gives the show unusual life since it is not a canned or prepared presentation which always become lifeless and most often loses impact. It is impactful presentations and discussions that allow you, the listener-producer, to become part of the conversation. In fact, it is a learning aid. So what is discussed can actually be recalled and used by you in everyday conversation. This is one of the great benefits of the No Agenda Show: an actual transfer of real information and a presentation process that makes you a more thoughtful and interesting person. This is what the show strives to do as corny as it sounds.

This week we would like to introduce some interesting reading material that will be a prelude to the Thursday show and will provide good background material for general conversations. If you like this feature in the newsletter let us know in your donation notes.

Bird Flu is a topic of discussion (again). Here is a good piece entitled Bird Flu, What We Know and Don’t Know.

In a Guardian Article, there is some revelation regarding the weird blogging going on at Forbes where each blogger is paid based on page views and advertisers on those pages.  The result? Big money for the guy who writes about soccer. While Forbes looks as if it is pioneering here, it’s actually being done all over the place with mixed success. A trend to watch.

And finally, here is favored douchebag Andy Carven apologizing for everyone in an article entitled Can Social Media Help Us Create A More Informed Public?  It’s always good to see what he’s up to since he seems to be a conduit for various “official messages.” You haven’t heard much from Andy lately, but that may change.

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