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Dear Producers,
Those of you looking for a scandal will get a new one every few days until something actually catches on. The NSA Snoop-gate seems to have the most traction as it apparently now dogs Obama as the Germans have called USA spy tactics as “American-style STASI methods.” This is coming out in advance of his upcoming visit to Berlin.

On top of that, as the scandal du jour involves the EPA sending out personal data about farmers directly to their environmental opponents, apparently, so they can more easily harass the farmers. Here comes another Congressional hearing. Get ready.

As most of you know, the No Agenda Show has predicted that there will be an onslaught of scandals trying to shake Obama loose. This does not seem to be abating.
You can be sure we’ll be documented the important stories, giving you information you will not find elsewhere. You will have the best perspective and one that will serve you well in any sort of  discussion with anyone who has an open mind.

We want to remind you that our biggest challenge is cultivating new listeners and producers. When you post anything that may have some No Agenda connection always post a link to the show or if links are not allowed just tell people to “Google: No Agenda.” These people will learn a lot from that search.

A great show coming on Thursday.

Your hosts,

John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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