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In the weeks ahead your No Agenda Show will be looking closely at the Heroin problem, where is the future of poppy growing in the world going to move, the health of Bill Clinton and will Hillary be able to get by without him, global cooling and the lies in the mainstream media.


Similar if not identical growing conditions of Afghanistan and Myanmar
found in Africa. Note Central African Republic (CAR) right in the middle.

On the Thursday show look for a discussion of the new $250 million Scahill-Greenwald-Poitras website/blog that has gone live with a very questionable article and a lame photo essay.

Another High Budget Flop

If you’ve been reading recent news items you’ll find eye-rollers.  The one that will get your attention is the "discovery" that crocodiles can climb trees. You have to wonder how long the civilized world has been observing this creature without noticing this fact. After thousands of years of observations, someone finally notices? This sort of thing seriously makes you wonder when someone says “the science is in” or “scientists agree.”

And when it comes to the news media, its story usually changes from minute to minute as these people jump to conclusions, make illogical comments and often talk incessantly about nothing to fill time.


And the one thing missing the most is serious deep analysis. This is what your No Agenda Show does best. Many of the facts we uncover using both government and non-government sources present conclusions that make sense and are seldom if ever accomplished by well funding over staffed corporate media outlets.

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