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Dear Producers,

As we get closer and closer to our 6th anniversary, we want to remind people to help us celebrate with an anniversary donation by clicking here.  And the next time you go to the theater with friends or family and drop over $50 to see a bad film, say to yourself “This would have been money better spent on the No Agenda Podcast.”  The support page awaits your visit.

No Agenda will continue to amaze you. In show after show your hosts analyze all the propaganda that is doled out by the mainstream media. This analysis is the basis for what is the most entertaining and informative show you will ever hear. And, unlike the mainstream media, you have all the documentation at your disposal in the form of show notes. No other show does this. If you hear about a report you also have links to it along with any other pertinent analysis. There is nothing like this anywhere. You are urged to take advantage of this outstanding resource.

This Thursday’s Show will probably be just before the government shutdown and budget crises are resolved (or not). The President continues to use loaded words such as “hostages” and “extortion” to describe the Republican strategy to defund the Affordable Care Act. The absolute best run down of the strategy that you will find is this piece by Thomas Sowell linked here. He sees nothing new or unusual in any of these strategies. This is an important explanation you need to read.

In other developments, one of our producers tracked down various anti-vaporizing initiatives developed to keep people from using so-called “vapes” right to the door of Pfizer, makers of Chantix. You’ll be amused by his note.

You will get your value-for-value on the Thursday show with the kind of information and insight you will find nowhere else.

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Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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