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Dear Producers,

The total amount of mainstream corporate media hogwash funneled to the public concerning all the scandals is remarkable.

Hear John Bolton advise the government while yakking on Fox news (a clip ready for the show). It is nothing but hilarious. He goes so far as to demand the USA pull its Ambassador out of China because China (which has no extradition treaty with the USA) did not immediately grab Snowden and send him back in chains to the USA. He has similar commentary about Russia. Is he trying to start WWIII over this Snowden guy?

And his demands came after Snowden told the world that the USA has been spying on Chinese computer networks for years. That was endearing.

The kind of awkward logic and screwball and wrongheaded analysis is appearing more and more in the cable news networks. Can’t they find anyone who can give real insight? Apparently not.

This makes all the outlets harder and harder to watch. And why does Fox news, in particular, go out of its way to support the Obama machine while many of the progressives are turning against Obama? It’s weird but does emphasize the No Agenda notion that Fox News is an outlet for the Democratic party.

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Your hosts
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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