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 No Agenda
Dear Producers,

This newsletter is a heads-up about a few concerns we have about our 500th show and beyond. We are asking for your help. You are the producers, and this is part of your job.
The donation segment is taking up too much of the show and now the show is tending to be 3 hours long when it should be 2 ½ hours max.

This has resulted in the two of us actually having to have meetings regarding what to do. This is not what we want to be doing with our time.
We are asking for your help and suggestions. We have to find a way to shorten the comments section of the show. Here are some of the ideas we have discussed:
Raise the contribution number for producers’ notes that are automatically read.
Change model completely and just thank producers by name without reading any notes.
Change the model to just thanking contributors and read the top 5 notes.
Stop reading notes, but keep the karma call-outs.
Just read a few notes randomly and edit those notes down to something shorter.
There are endless possibilities. Keep in mind that we have to shorten this section of the show. Even if you, the producers, think it's all fine the way it is (because we make that segment very entertaining), at some point we will have to change something as the audience grows. This, of course, assumes we get much more in the way of donations.
This will be discussed further on show 489 and hopefully it will be resolved in the month ahead. We've created a new email address for the show. It is for all inquiries as well as this call out for suggestions.
We'd also like to obtain “noagenda” and “noagendashow” on this system, but someone ran off with them. Be aware of that.

Our email will be NAfeedback@outlook.com.
On this Thursday’s show, expect another in-depth deconstruction of this week’s news plus a couple of weird and surprising clips that may make you shudder. Remember that there is no other show like No Agenda. Others try, but as hard as they try they do not have the right attitude since they are constantly thinking about their advertisers worried sick that one will find offense and pull the plug on funding. That's why we cannot use that model and survive as the Best Podcast in The Universe. This is the title bestowed upon us by you! This was not some marketing idea.
Please keep your show on the air by contributing this week as much as you can afford, so we don't have to concern ourselves with outside projects and can make the show even better. It's up to you.
Sincere thanks for all your help!
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS Remember to visit the donation page often by Clicking here.

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