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This the latest news from LASSCO Three Pigeons in Oxfordshire:

There are seven stories to tell this time - of Trucks, of Museums, of iPhones, Co-incidental Printer’s blocks, African Paintings, Towers arriving and the Discovery of an urn from the Great Exhibition……
Massive Clearance Just In!


Never ones to do things by halves, our latest clearance of architectural salvage - just in at The Three Pigeons - comprised two articulated truck-loads plus a full load in our crane-lorry as well as our van. A veritable convoy. We can’t reveal the source but what goodies lie within!
For the Romantic we have the massive stone base from Eros in Piccadilly Circus - this giant stone slab makes a wonderful garden table (and could happily seat eight romantics if required!).

For the Royalist we have an over-life size plaster figure of Queen Victoria dating to her Golden Jubilee in 1887. The figure is by E.E.Seflowski but without doubt derives from Joseph Boehm’s famous bronze of the same year. Queen Vic. in all her pomp stands atop a wooden plinth with, to each side, a relief portrait of Edward Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) and his wife Princess Alexandra. We have not pinned down the provenance for the sculpture but, from what we know, it was likely to have been a London royal palace. Either way, she has immediately sold to a private collector.



For the Historian we have a set of very rare mid-17th Century wrought iron staircase spindles which are known to be from Lincoln’s Inn Fields, railings from Rangers House, Greenwich and the cast iron columns that supported the cadets' boxing ring at The Woolwich Arsenal.
For the Bureaucrat we have over one hundred fabulous cast iron fenders from The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Whitehall plus bucket-loads of pokers, shovels and spark guards - these are selling fast.
For the Connoisseur we have a glorious wrought iron staircase balustrade from Sir William Chambers' Somerset House itself (pictured above).

And so it goes on ….. We’re still sorting it all out! … It will all be on the website soon.
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
LASSCO Three Pigeons has been sailing away with a barn-full of beautifully made museum cabinets from The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. These bronze vitrines raised on mahogany bases were made in around 1927 to house the national collection of model ships held at the museum. Some of these ships are valued at £500,000 each. It seems a terrible shame that, in order to save space, the ships are being transferred to packing cases and stacked at Chatham. Ours is not to reason why and LASSCO has bought 135 of the cabinets. They vary in size according to their original contents. To date we have sold 65 of them. We have 70 more to sell. We have found buyers in the USA, Tokyo, Belgium, Scotland and London where they are to be used, respectively, for clothing retail display, handbags, taxidermy, model ships and curiosities. We have also hired some of the cabinets to The Royal Academy for the launch party of this year’s Summer Exhibition where they contained food sculptures (as pictured below).

Please contact Tom Hart on +44 (0)1844 277180 or if you would like to view these cabinets as we have them stored in our warehouse just ‘round the corner from The Three Pigeons.
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It may seem unlikely for an Architectural Salvage yard to be at the cutting edge of technology but we’ve been investigating those strange crossword bar-codes that have been popping up in all media of late. Those in the know, can now wave their iPhone at the labelled object in the shop and instantly have the picture, measurement, price and description of the item on their phone to take away.

If you’re at LASSCO Three Pigeons you’ll now spot them on our lunch menu too (giving you instant access to the latest menu wherever you may be). If you use these codes and have seen a particularly good way in which we might be able to put them to further use, please get in touch with Amanda on 01844 277189 … (or … get this … scan below and your phone will automatically ring Amanda!).

Survey of London

We have just acquired several boxes of the original printing blocks from The Survey of London illustration plates. They seem to be for the Westminster Volumes that first date to around 1931 and the Spitalfields Volume of 1957 (See There are 289 of them and must be from a later, but not current edition. We have found elevation drawings of 10 Downing Street, Hawksmoor’s Christchurch  and elevations of Spital Square. We are looking to sell them as a collection. They will appeal to any architect or historian and could be framed or applied to a wall to make a fabulous decorative display. Imagine our surprise when we were cleaning them to discover the printing block showing the glorious Georgian front elevation of our own London shop: Brunswick House!


Cyrene Paintings

For years we have been harbouring a huge collection of paintings from Southern Rhodesia dating 1939-45. Due to interest from various quarters, we have recently photographed them - there are over six hundred - and published them on line (see There is a fascinating back-story to these colourful paintings -space does not permit even a synopsis here. The only other known surviving works produced by The Cyrene Mission from this period are split between The Bodleian Library in Oxford, The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C and a scrapbook held at the library of Central Saint Martin’s College of Art in London. LASSCO loaned three of the paintings to a Zimbabwe exhibition in Belgium a few years ago. We are looking for a responsible buyer or Institution who may be interested in acquiring the collection.
LSE Cupola
Having recently sold our large timber clock-tower to a buyer on the continent, at LASSCO Three Pigeons we couldn’t let our burgeoning collection of bell-towers, crestings, domes and cupolas diminish so we grasped the opportunity last week to help salvage a large spired cupola from the rooftops of the London School of Economics near the Strand. It looks rather handsome at ground-level and will no doubt soon find a buyer wanting a striking focus-piece in their garden. With the various domes, spires and bell-towers congregating in the gardens here it looks alarmingly like a small but very grand town centre has just sunk into the ground!




Pulham Urn discovery
We have been restoring a fabulous stoneware urn that we un-earthed in a garden near Marlow in the spring. The out-going owner of the property was selling it prior to moving abroad. We have now discovered that not only was this intricately modelled urn by the celebrated maker James Pulham but that he exhibited one of this model at The Great Exhibition of 1851 (as shown in the catalogue sketch above). It seems that an example of this design hasn’t re-appeared since. In his book “Antique Garden Ornament”, John Davis comments on the enthusiastic response the urn was given in the Art Journal catalogue in 1851 and that “So far no extant examples have come to light".  Until now that is. So, if this urn isn't unique, it is certainly a very rare survivor. Perhaps Pulham of Broxbourne only made the one … and this is it?!
We look forward to seeing you at LASSCO Three Pigeons soon … come for lunch!

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