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Robe and alms bowl


On October 22nd there will be Upasampada ceremony (Bhikkhuni ordination) for four women monastics. The aspiring bhikkhunis are: Samaneri Dhammadhira, Samaneri Dipa, Samaneri Santussika and Samaneri Chanda.
The first two candidates are residents of Mahapajapati Monastery in Yucca Valley whereas Samaneri Santussika is a resident of Karuna Vihara in the Bay Area and Samaneri Chanda will be joining Lotus Meditation Centre in Diamond Bar. Ayya Sudharshana from Florida will fly in to be the Pavattini and Ayya Gunasari will be their Acariya. Bhante Piyananda and Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi will be amongst the supporting bhikkhus present.
This auspicious event will be held at Dharma Vijaya Monastery in Los Angeles, 1847 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, 323-737-5084,  The ceremony begins at 9 am. All are welcome to attend.
Any support that you would like to offer our growing Bhikkhuni Sangha would be greatly appreciated as it requires many resources to bring together the necessary ingredients to make this rare occasion possible. Donations can be made through several methods:

  • Directly to the participating monastics. See AfB directory for contact information.

Wishing you the fullness of blessings in the Triple Gem.
Carol Annable
Vice President


The bhikkhunis, and the Alliance for Bhikkhunis, are very thankful for your support!


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