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Dear Erich Schwarz.

It's been exactly one year since I've begun this newsletter. Month by month, week by week, I tried to collect the most exciting, inspiring, and surprising finds from my daily trips on the web in an e-mail and make them accessible to you.

From the beginning, it was clear to me that this newsletter project would be an experiment. Initially, I looked forward to every individual new subscriber like a kid waiting for a present. Nevertheless, in the last months, the number of new subscribers stagnated and I tried to advertise for the WOW on my social media channels as much as I felt was tolerable.

Currently, 500 designers, creative individuals, CEOs, and owners of notable agencies receive this newsletter every week. Five hundred. That is quite a lot of people. And the best. Every week, I receive compliments, tips, and suggestions on how to improve WOW.

Although I see much potential in this format, I've decided to stop the newsletter until further notice. I will certainly throw myself into a new project soon (I have no idea which one, but you can bet I already  have countless ideas).

I thank all artists and designers who have helped WOW in any way to become what it was: a compact source of inspiration for everyone who doesn't surf the web as much as I do.

I thank you, dear subscribers. For your interest, your feedbacks, and the wonderful time. I look forward to the next project. And I will definitely let you know when it's ready.

Till then. I love you all. Bye.

ps: below I put together all WOW emails I sent. Happy reading.

WOW Archive (Nov 2015 – Oct 2016)

(This archive will be available until the end of 2016)

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