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Happy New Year

Dear Valued Patients,

Happy New Year! We are feeling optimistic as we move into a new year. Our doctors and staff have started the COVID vaccine series and we are hopeful everyone will have access to the vaccine soon. We can’t wait to see everyone’s smiles again!
This month, we’d like to take an opportunity to explore the Mona Lisa Touch (MLT) CO2 laser.

 Mona Lisa Laser treatment for gynecologic health

The Mona Lisa Touch CO2 laser is an innovative technology for treating the vaginal symptoms of menopause, called genitourinary syndrome of menopause. These symptoms include dryness, burning, and pain, and can contribute to bladder urgency/leakage as well. It is estimated 70% of women develop these symptoms after menopause. For many years, vaginal estrogen products have been the mainstay of treatment -- creams, suppositories, tablets or rings. These work, but require continued use on average twice a week and can be messy, not to mention expensive -- costing on average $50/month, but up to $450 a month!

The MLT laser uses fractionated energy to cause microinjury to the vaginal and vulvar tissue. This induces a healing response, and here’s the trick -- the only memory the cells have for healing is premenopausal tissue. The healing process, therefore, induces the growth of tissue with more elasticity, moisture, strength, and sensation. Studies show that 92-95% of women experience a satisfactory improvement in symptoms.
The first year, the MLT is performed in 3 sessions, 6 weeks apart. Each treatment only takes a few minutes and is not painful. While we recommend nothing in the vagina for 3 days before and 7 days after each treatment, there are no other restrictions on activity. After that, you just need a “boost” treatment roughly every 12 months.
A recent study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology compared treatments for genitourinary syndrome of menopause, including vaginal estrogens and the MLT laser, and found that the MLT laser was actually the most cost-effective treatment! This is something we have long observed, but it’s great to see it confirmed. The study found that not only did the MLT laser give as good (or better!) results as vaginal estrogen, but long term the MLT was the optimal treatment.
Think MLT laser might be right for you? Schedule a consult with one of our doctors to learn more.
In celebration of this new confirmation on the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the MLT laser, we’re going to make it even more cost-effective! We are offering
10% off the initial series through January and February, which brings the cost from $2400 to $2160. The annual “boost” continues to be only $500 -- which for many women is less than the cost of a year’s worth of vaginal estrogen!
Please contact our office for more information, 503-908-1646 or
Stay Healthy!
Dr. Zaander, Salisbury and Staff

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