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Weekly Updates: DROPLETS

Droplets! Better known as a small drop.  It is a medical term.  We consider drops like teardrops, faucets, rain but these are drops you can see, touch and feel. Droplets are little, teensy tiny wet particles that stay in the air for a period of time with various inclusions depending on how they are generated; the respiratory tract is the most common.  Droplets cannot be seen or felt.  They are about 5 micrometers.   If people have an infection, the droplet inclusions (stuff in the droplet) are and can be infectious.  Naturally produced droplets from humans are a normal phenomenon most often produced by breathing, talking, sneezing, coughing, spitting by mistake, laughing …. You get it.  Most respiratory droplets fall to the ground quickly, however, there is such a thing as a droplet nuclei which is what is left when the fluid evaporates and what is left is the germ/infectious agent  These little rascals are so small (1/1000 of a millimeter or micrometer) that they remain suspended in the air for hours.  They live on surfaces, get deep in your airway because they are so small and a sneeze can generate a mere 800,000 of them.  That is our science lesson for today……

AND   Yes, we are OPEN and we are SO glad to see you all, or, part of you.  We are requiring masks at all times.  We must avoid possible exposure to droplets.  This is why we social distance.  This is why we cannot have everyone in the waiting room for now.

Please be patient and bear with us as we develop systems to keep all of us safe during this pandemic. We take this responsibility greatly while wanting to continue to offer you the best in women’s care.
We are back in the OR and we are doing procedures. We have plenty of masks if do not have your own. And we prefer good handwashing to wearing gloves but feel free to wear them in, just take them off when you leave before you get in your car.

We will continue to communicate and keep you up to date on any changes we are making.  We are offering Telemedicine and in-person appointments.  You can call during regular business hours to schedule or schedule online 24/7. Visit for more information.

We cannot let these droplets get us down.  We must be aware of them and stay safe.  They are tiny, but mighty and wield danger.  

Please wear your masks for now and stay safe.  We are in this with you.

Dr. Zaander and Dr. Salisbury 

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