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Weekly Newsletter: Hydration

Hello All!   

It feels like a different sort of summer because all of our plans have been disrupted, changed, flopped, distanced, or just canceled.  We can however get into the new normal and find new ways to recreate by the parallel play concept that we learned as toddlers.  We need each other more than ever so keep planning and get creative, but be safe and wear your masks and eye protection if you want to be extra careful. Those little droplets are sneaky.

Speaking of what we need, we need WATER.   We are organisms that rely on hydration. Water makes up about 60% of our body weight and serves an important purpose.  It is critical for healthy cardiovascular function, helps us get rid of waste, regulates temperature, lubricates our joints, protects tissues, helps with digestion, keeps cells happy. There is recent evidence that we are more susceptible to COVID-19 when we are dehydrated because secretions cannot clear as well and our immune function is not as efficient with dry mucous membranes in our airways and oropharynx.

 We are supposed to drink, in ounces, at least ½ or our body weight in pounds; so, if I weigh 100 lbs I should be drinking AT LEAST 50 ounces of fluid and even up to 100 when it is hot out or we are exercising. Thirst is often confused with hunger, so if you are hungry, try some water or a healthy beverage. Our goal is to have light yellow or colorless urine.  It is not recommended that you rely on thirst to be your governor, it is too late if you are really thirsty.  Dehydration can also cause headaches, fatigue, or depression.  If you were a plant, how would you look? If you cannot drink water find a healthy low-calorie, non-caffeinated beverage or use a straw, it can help.

So… Be well, drink water and play.   We are here, we are open to meet all your GYN needs and we are taking new patients.
Drs Salisbury and Zaander and staff.


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