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 What's the news for Term 1? 
1) General updates
2) Feature article- ‘Get healthy and nap’
3) Exercise of the term
4) Staff top tips

General Updates!

Happy 2016!

I hope you all had a great xmas and new year break. It probably seems like 6 months ago now...

We welcome you back to class after our big Christmas break of 7 weeks!! I hope your bodies are enjoying moving again.

Some of you are having difficulties locating your invoices online and marking off payments. Please read the following instructions.
  • You will find all term receipts under the My Invoice Tab.
  • To pay or print click the pencil icon to the right of the invoice details.
  • A new screen will appear payment options are at the bottom of invoice.
  • Once payment is made print receipt by clicking the PDF icon in the top right of screen. If you have paid via bank deposit please mark off your payment by entering the transaction number at the bottom of the invoice page. If you do not mark of your payment your invoice will remain outstanding.

Featured Article - 'Get healthy and nap'

How often do you hear someone say, “I had a great night’s sleep last night!” or “I feel refreshed and energetic!”?  Probably not very often.  Feeling sluggish seems to be the new normal.  In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation, it is the new normal: most Americans are sleep-deprived.  But not getting enough sleep may be causing more trouble for you than just that pesky drowsy feeling:  It could be seriously harming your health.

Why aren't we sleeping?

Centuries ago, it was common for people to sleep 8 to 9 hours each day.  But now, only about 25% of Americans get 8 or more hours of sleep.  The reasons we are not sleeping are many.  We live in a 24/7 society—practically anything we want to do is available around the clock, from fitness centres to pharmacies to department stores.  

We are working long hours, transporting our kids to activities, trying to make time for friends and fitness and entertainment.  When the heat is on, the first thing to go is usually sleep.  And it’s usually not even a conscious decision to skimp on sleep-we just get in bed a little later most nights, because we are so pressed and pushed.  

But even when we get into bed, we aren’t guaranteed sleep.  The National Sleep Foundation reports that 60% of Americans have sleep problems.  That means more than half of us struggle to sleep.  And it is taking its toll.

Dangers of sleep deprivation

"The foundations of good health are good diet, good exercise and good sleep, but two out of three doesn't get you there,"1 

- Dr. Anne Calhoun, neurology professor,                           University of North Carolina

Eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise are not enough to make up for the danger that sleep deprivation poses to your health.  Adults need around 8 hours of sleep each night, although some studies indicate that as little as 7 and one-half hours can be sufficient.  Getting less than that can have serious consequences:

  • Risk of Cardiovascular Disease:  If you get less than 6 hours of sleep each night and have disturbed sleep, you have a 48% greater risk of developing or dying from heart disease and a 15% greater risk of developing or dying from a stroke.2  Lack of sleep can cause high blood pressure, blocked arteries, stroke, kidney disease and dementia.  
  • Obesity: Sleep shortage is directly linked to obesity.  When you don’t get enough sleep, two powerful hormones that control hunger are disrupted.  The result is that you feel hungrier and have fewer sensations of feeling “full.”  

But without enough sleep you will also feel more stressed, which encourages the production of the hormone cortisol in your body.  This hormone causes you to crave high-carbohydrate foods such as potato chips and brownies, and then deposits those carbs as fat around your belly—the most dangerous place to store fat.


Pre-diabetes is also a risk for those who don’t get enough sleep.  Trying to get by on less than 6 hours of sleep per night can cause impaired glucose tolerance.  


  • Compromised immune system:  Why is it that two people can be exposed to the same germs, but only one of them gets sick?  The reason is the immune system.  If your immune system is functioning well, you can ward off many illnesses.  But if something happens to compromise your immune response, you will be vulnerable to infections, bacteria, viruses, and even some autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and asthma. 


When you do not get enough sleep, your immune system becomes stressed and compromised.  You actually have a decrease in white blood cells, and those that remain are less active.  The result is that you will get sick more often.


  • Impaired exercise performance:  As if the threat of heart disease, obesity and immune suppression weren’t enough, lack of sleep can negatively impact your fitness efforts.  It’s not uncommon for people to struggle to maintain their normal level of workout intensity when they are sleep deprived.  You just won’t have the energy to push through.  Also, your muscles repair and rebuild while you sleep:  if you don’t allow your body this recovery time, you will be at a significant disadvantage during your next workout.

Make time for sleep

The truth is, if you don’t make time now for adequate sleep, you will likely be forced in the future to make time for illness.  It may take significant effort to arrange your schedule and priorities to carve out time for more sleep, but the payoff will be increased health, energy and productivity!

Ready for a nap?





Exercise of the Term

Don't forget to view our regular feature in which we film a common pilates/rehab based exercise with cues and progressions for you to watch and practice at home. Each exercise video can be found on the website in the articles section where we frequently upload tips on health, nutrition and exercise.   I hope you can try some of these exercises in your daily routine, make it a habit and feel the difference!


Deep Hip Rotator Control



In this exercise video we look at the isolation and use of the deep hip rotator fan of muscles at the back of the hip. Timing and activation of these muscles are essential for hip and leg stability and control.

Please refer to  www.pro-align.com.au 'Articles' for more free exercise videos.

Staff Top Tips

Sally: Maybe consider using a shower filter that can reduce up to 99% of chlorine in the water. Chlorine is toxic when heated and can infiltrate the body via the skin/mouth when in the shower. 

The filter also makes your hair look and feel great!!!  Check out the watershop for options. http://watershop.com.au/  AND you only need to change the filter once a year!

Michelle: A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger many problems such as non injury aches and pains/constipation/fatigue/moody behaviour/cravings for sugar and caffeine...so get drinking!! Carry a small bottle with you daily and continue to sip. Maybe add some sea salt to your water for better absorption. 

Erin: Don't skip breakfast... A balanced breakfast consisting of healthy foods rich in fibre, protein, and low sugar can have amazing impact to your day and your waistline.


Emily: Good sleep habits often focus on what we do at bedtime. Turns out, the way we wake up is just as critical. Try not to hit the snooze button, it disrupts your circadian rhythm, the body clock that regulates your awake and sleep time.

Hayley: Did you know that the vast majority of the general population is breathing too much? According to Professor Konstantin Buteyko this causes reduction in carbon dioxide levels which prevents us from absorbing oxygen. It can lead to many problems such as difficulty breathing, weight gain, diabetes, auto-immune conditions and several others. It's also just not energy efficient and can leave you feeling lethargic.

Especially when you are busy or stressed, try this method several times a day for a few minutes at a time. Try breathing in and out through your nose, gently slowing your breathing down and breathing less. Just like meditation it can leave you feeling energised, de-stressed and smiling again. Good luck!

Make up Classes – Update reminder

The option to do make up classes remains a supplementary feature.  IF there is room in a class for that term, then make up classes may be taken.

REMINDER:  We will place on the website at the end of week 2 which sessions have space in them for the current term. This will be in the ‘Timetable’ section ABOVE the Roseville timetable.

Some of you are feeling like we are not answering your emails promptly enough regarding make up classes, as office hours for Pro-align are only Tuesday and Friday afternoon, we can miss your same day requests to do make up classes. I hope you can understand and accept our apologies.

Please refer to the website from hence forth, go to a class of the same level or below, and introduce yourself to your teacher.

I hope this new system makes life a little easier.

Home Exercise Sheets...

For those of you that would like some structure to your home rehab, we have some home exercise sheets with a theme for each term. There are 10 exercises, 1 for each week based of a movement and recruitment theme. 

Please ask your teacher if you would like a copy.

Alternatively pick one exercise from our extensive free video library on the site and focus on that for the week. Progressions are often shown on the video.


We would like to thank you once again for another great term and look forward to progressing your rehab in  term 1.  Always feel free to ask any questions of your instructor or alternatively contact Sally via the website. The website is regularly updated with free tips on nutrition, healthy lifestyle and exercises for you to follow, so keep an eye out for updates.

Don't forget you can now follow us on Twitter and on Facebook!
Enjoy Term 1!!

From the team...Sally, Erin, Emily, Michelle, & Hayley.