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Newsletter Term 4, 2014

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In this newsletter...

* General updates – new teacher!
* Exercise of the term.....
* Goal setting for classes

* Make up classes – update reminder 
* Staff top tips


General updates...

We are very excited to welcome Emily back to Pro-align as our new permanent Thursday morning instructor. Emily used to teach for us over in Darlinghurst and will now be taking up residency in Roseville. I’m sure you will all love her style and Irish humour.

For all HCF members.......... A new code has been added to your invoices to help with claiming. We currently follow all of their ‘guidelines’ so there shouldn’t be an issue. 


Exercise of the term...

Don't forget to view our regular feature in which we film a common Pilates/rehab based exercise with cues and progressions for you to watch and practice at home. Each exercise video can be found on the website in the articles section where we frequently upload tips on health, nutrition and exercise. I hope you can try some of these exercises in your daily routine, make it a habit and feel the difference !



Thoracic mobility and  shoulder control in 4 point

This exercise helps to challenge and strengthen the shoulder region and mobilise the thorax.  This exercise includes a great 3D component to challenge the shoulder and spine to work together. The continuous weight bearing through the arms is also beneficial for upper limb strength and bone health.

Please refer to 'Articles' for more free exercise videos.

Goal Setting for Classes with Pro-align...

Thank you for your participation in the new goal setting exercise again this term.  I hope it will lead you towards a more focused outcome for each term. Let us know if you have any questions.

From now on, each term we will be asking you to do a personal goal setting task.

This exercise is designed to help you focus on a particular movement task for the 10 weeks that would be meaningful for you, and then evaluate your progress over the term.


It is also designed to provide some supplementary evidence and documentation to help when claiming with your health fund provider...
(click here to read more)

Don't forget we also have an ‘exercise of the term’ hand out if you want to follow this for your home practice, just ask your instructor for a copy to take home.


Make up classes - IMPORTANT UPDATE

The option to do make up classes remains a supplementary feature. IF there is room in a class for that term, then make up classes may be taken.

NEW: I will place on the website at the end of week 3 which sessions have space in them for the current term. This will be in the ‘Timetable’ section UNDER the Roseville timetable.

Due to the fact that we take clients into the programme until the end of week 3, we will not be allowing makeup classes in the first 3 weeks of term until we have finalised class numbers.

Some of you are feeling like we are not answering your emails promptly enough regarding make up classes, as office hours for Pro-align are only Tuesday and Friday afternoon, we can miss your same day requests to do make up classes. I hope you can understand and accept our apologies.

Please refer to the website from hence forth, go to a class of the same level or below, and introduce yourself to your teacher.

I hope this new system makes life a little easier.

Staff top tips...


Sally-  "Chocolate of 80%+ cocoa content is loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats. You may even want to put cacao butter in your smoothie to add beneficial fats and keep you satiated for longer.  That doesn’t mean reach for a mars bar!! Aldi do a great dark chocolate and very cheap too!"

Michelle- "Chia Seed & Coconut Pudding

With all the awesome seasonal fruits available at the moment, this simple recipe will give you a nice snack before or after Pilates!

Combine a cup of coconut milk with 1/4 cup of chia seeds, stir to combine and leave in the fridge over night to expand and turn into a pudding! If you new extra sweetness, add a little maple syrup to taste. Serve a couple of dessert spoons of pudding with your favourite fruit of the season! It will last about a week in the fridge (if the whole family doesn't gobble it up first!)

Erin-  "Show up early- being 5 minutes late is a small thing that creates big stress, which can lead to chronic inflammation and high blood pressure. Many of us have high blood pressure from external stresseswe place on ourselves. These factors are adjustable, so let's change them and aim to be early."

Amy- "Not getting enough sleep can cause symptoms such as sleepiness, fatigue, deterioration of performance, attention and motivation; as well as more serious problems such as high blood pressure, reduced concentration and intellectual capacity,  increased risk of accidents at work or driving and mental health complications. 

Lack of sleep also just makes you feel sleepy, cranky and can affect your quality of life.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends adults get 7-9 hours of sleep a day.

So when you feel like a siesta this weekend, don't feel guilty, listen to your body and take 40 winks!"

Emily- "Copy your cat ... do stretches when you wake up. It boosts circulation, digestion and can help ease aches and pains."

Erin- "Give your feet some love! We spend a lot of our day walking around on our feet but very rarely give them much attention. At the end of your day try releasing out the arch of your foot with a tennis ball."

Alex-  "It's that time where many clients are heading off overseas to catch the last of the European Summer. To unravel any stiffness from the long hours of sitting on planes, try using a lumbar roll or pillow to support your lower back during the flight. Stretching out your hip flexors and doing some cobra back arches before and after the flight will also keep that spring in your step!"

AnneMarie- "Apple Cider Vinegar is emerging as one of the newest super food on the scene  - it has been reported to have may uses including assisting in teeth whitening and improving hair and skin condition. It is also reported to help with heartburn and digestive issues, while also promoting digestion. So if you suffer with digestive problems why not give it a go - add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to hot water or tea and see if you can feel the effects!"

We would like to thank you once again for another great term and look forward to progressing your rehab in  term 4. Always feel free to ask any questions of your instructor or alternatively contact Sally via the website. The website is regularly updated with free tips on nutrition, healthy lifestyle and exercises for you to follow, so keep an eye out for updates.

Don't forget you can now follow us on twitter and on Facebook!

Enjoy term 4


From the team.......Sally, Erin, AnneMarie,, Michelle, Alex & Amy.

Is not uncommon for a person with a spondylolisthesis to present with no symptoms at all.
The most common symptom, however of a low grade slippage (<50%) is that of lower back pain.
If an anterolisthesis has been discovered, back pain symptoms will often be activity related and worsen with extension of the lumbar spine.
Other common symptoms include tightness of the hamstrings and decreased range of motion and stiffness of the lower back. Changes in gait and posture are very common and an increased lumbar curve can be quite common.


This is a common exercise undertaken in all classes. It is essential for lower abdominal contr
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ate breathing and core and stabilise the low back.


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