Term 1 2016 Newsletter
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Welcome to Term 2! I hope you are enjoying your sessions this term so far. Don’t forget we love feedback as we are always trying to provide the best service for you. There are client feedback forms on the website that you can fill in at any time

As you know we have had a few instructor changes this term also with Alison starting on a Thursday evening and Michelle moving to a Thursday morning. Do be vocal and let them know how you feel as they get to know your bodies. We always strive to get the most out of each sessions for you.

Same applies for the poor Friday clients that have me this term!

Feature Article: Balancing Cortisol for Weight Loss and Health
How too much cortisol can lead to decreased health and increased belly fat.

Some have called it the “master” of all hormones.  Others curse it for its ability to wreak havoc on our body’s fragile endocrine balance.  In spite of the mixed opinions one thing is certain: cortisol is a powerful hormone necessary for life.  But if its level is not optimal in your body, your health could suffer.

Exercise of the term: 3D Balance Drill

In this exercise video we look at balance. Balance is not about remaining static, but being able to manage your centre of mass over your base of support. This is a dynamic process requiring the body to be able to move in all 3 planes...and return back to centre! (Click the image)

Please refer to Pro-align's website for more free exercise videos. 

Staff top tips:

   Did you know that doing a quick 40sec burst of high intensity activity before you eat can have a very positive effect on your insulin response. This could literally be running on the spot! This will affect how we metabolise sugar.

 Inner talk is one of the most effective, least utilised tools available to master the psyche and foster life success" An article from Psychology Today - May/June 2015, Author: Pamela Weintraub. For example, "Michelle, there is nothing to worry about, it's only an exam" or "you are strong and fit, you have been working towards this marathon all year". Give it a go next time you face a challenge or have self-doubt! Back yourself!!

  Wake your feet up and have them ready for the day by doing a gentle tennis ball release on the arch of your foot when brushing your teeth in the morning.

  A great idea to supplement your Pilates training is to choose three exercises from the class that you find a little challenging, and practice these at home. Preferably use a mirror to correct your posture and alignment. You will soon find that you become better at these which will make the class easier and more enjoyable for you. And don't forget to always ask us if you're unsure, we're here to help! :)

 As the days get shorter be sure to get outside in the sunshine, even for a short period, with some skin exposed to get your vitamin D quota. 15 minutes in the middle of the day in Sydney is recommended by Osteoporosis Australia.

Missed a class and want to make it up this term?

The option to do make up classes remains a supplementary feature. IF there is room in a class for that term, then make up classes may be taken. You can also only join a make up class of the same level or below.

As office hours for Pro-align are only Tuesday and Friday afternoon, we can miss your same day requests to do make up classes. I hope you can understand and accept our apologies. We are sorry if this inconveniences you!

I hope this new system makes life a little easier, and remember to introduce yourself to your new teacher!

Home Exercise Sheets

For those of you who would like some structure to your home rehab, we have some home exercise sheets with a theme for each term. There are 10 exercises, 1 for each week based on a movement and recruitment theme. 

Please ask your teacher if you would like a copy.

Alternatively pick one exercise from our extensive free video library on the site and focus on that for the week. Progressions are often shown in the video. 

We would like to thank you once again for another great term and look forward to progressing your rehab in Term 2. Always feel free to ask any questions of your instructor or alternatively contact Sally.

The website is regularly updated with free tips on nutrition, healthy lifestyle and exercises for you to follow, so keep an eye out for updates.

Enjoy Term 2!

From the team...Sally, Erin, Alison, Michelle & Hayley.