Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great Easter and plenty of visits from the Easter Bunny.

I had a great time again this year at FILEX, the health and fitness expo and conference held at Darling Harbour. Watch out for some more functional exercise ideas creeping into Term 2 classes!

I hope you enjoy this newsletter which will be coming out at the start of each term full of information on health and lifestlye tips.

Firslty I'd like to introduce a new section, 'Client of the Term', which will feature a current member who has shown outstanding achievements over the previous term of training.
This time we are pleased to present.......

Catherine Silsbury- Wednesday evening

“I started with Pro-align/Core Pilates just 2 years ago and have made gradual but steady progress.  While I cannot say that I have “mastered” the roll up, I am pretty chuffed that I can at least do it sometimes - heaps better than not at all!  As a doctor (yep, we get problems too!) I inevitably spend way too much time sitting, ending up with lumbar stiffness and soreness that sometimes leaves me pretty miserable. 

The Pilates classes, incorporating the exercises into my home routine and being more conscious of how I use my core muscles all the time are really helping reducing my back pain.  Most importantly – after some years of having so much back discomfort that I basically avoided weight-bearing exercise, I am finally walking for 30 – 60 minutes several days a week and looking for an adult dance class.  So thank you to Chloe, to Ben before you, and to Sally!”

Catherine was nominated due to her excellent attendance and 'mastering the roll up'. She will receive a Pilates stability ball.

Our next new feature is 'Exercise of the Term', wherein we will film a common Pilates/rehab based exercise with cues and progressions for you to watch and practice at home. Each exercise will be found on the website in the articles section where we frequently upload tips on health, nutrition and exercise.

Exercise of the Term.............

The bridge!    see
www.pro-align.com.au 'Articles'

The bridge is an exercise commonly used in Pilates and physiotherpy rehab and is great for activating the gluteals. It works all of the muscles involved in pelvic control and stability and can be 'tweaked' to work on either spinal mobility or pure hip strength. The video highlights many of the progressions that you can do within this one exercise. 

and finally....... Staff Top Tips...........

Sally D
"If you have joint pain, swap the olive oil in your salad dressings to walnut oil.  While tasty, it is also a good natural anti-inflamatory."

Erin R
"Feeling tight around the hips? Try doing a tennis ball massage at home! Lying on your back, place the ball underneath your buttocks. Release any tight spots at the back of the hips working with your breathing. Avoid any referred pain and ensure that you are resting on soft tissue."

Sally H
"Feeling stressed? Tension slowly building as you are put 'on hold' once again on the phone, kids screaming, computer crashed....? Stop, close your eyes and take 3-4 deep belly breaths. Really focus on the breath and how your body feels. Relax the shoulders and feel the muscles of the face release. Deep belly breaths help to lower blood pressure, heart rate and bring us back into the present moment. Use this technique as a mini meditation"

Chloe L
"This week I learnt that by 2021 somebody will be admitted to hospital every 3-4 minutes due to a osteoporotic fracture. Have your bone mineral density checked, take part in weight bearing exercise (coming to Pilates counts!) and get enough Calcium and Vitamin D. "

 Annabel R
"If you have over indulged over the Easter break, try to give yourself a 2 week break with no alcohol. Try to stick to water and herbal teas. Milk Thistle is also good to help support the liver as it deals with our holiday toxins!"


We would like to thank you once again for another great term and look forward to progressing your rehab in term 2Always feel free to ask any questions of your instructor or alternatively contact Sally via the website. The website is regularly updated with free tips on nutrition, healthy lifestyle and exercises for you to follow, so keep an eye out for updates.

See you in Term 2!
Sally H, Annabel, Sally D, Chloe, Erin, Sarah and Emily


 "Health is a state of optimal physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absense of disease and infirmity"

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