Term 1 2016 Newsletter
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Welcome to Term 3!

In this newsletter...

  • General updates
  • Feature article - SAD and what to do about it
  • Exercise of the Term
  • Staff Top Tips

This is our home stretch before Spring starts to kick in again. Remember if the room is chilly and you need socks please bring non stick ones or you will be asked to remove them for safe training.

Just a few points to remember to get the most out of the sessions:

  • Please aim to arrive on time, the warm up is an essential component of the class.
  • Communicate with your teacher if you are uncomfortable, need some progressions/regressions or don’t understand why you are doing an exercise. We are here to help you!
  • Look to progress a level, remember we always need the challenge to progress and get stronger.
  • Give us feedback! To ensure that we provide the best service for you please give us feedback about the business, teachers, venue and classes.  Feedback can be sent via email or via the form on the website. Every reply we get is always read and considered.

As you know we have had an instructor change this term with Erin leaving and Kim starting on a Wednesday morning.  Do continue to be vocal and let them know how you feel as they get to know your bodies. We always strive to get the most out of each session for you.


Feature Article: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) :
What is it and what to do about it

It’s that time of year again—a time of cool breezes, coloured leaves and holiday preparation.  Fall and winter are exciting times…  Unless you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).    If you struggle with winter depression, this time of year is not filled with joy and anticipation.  Instead, you probably feel like hiding under the covers until spring arrives in several months…

Exercise of the term: The Squat

Don't forget to view our regular feature in which we film a common Pilates/rehab based exercise with cues and progressions for you to watch and practice at home. Each exercise video can be found on the website in the articles section where we frequently upload tips on health, nutrition and exercise.   I hope you can try some of these exercises in your daily routine, make it a habit and feel the difference!


(Click the image)

Please refer to  www.pro-align.com.au 'Health & Lifestyle’ for more free exercise videos. There is also a quick link for access on the home page.

Staff top tips:

   Sugar....... a quick guide to shopping. 1 teaspoon of sugar=4.17g (4g)  Check your food labels to see just how healthy your food is!  Low 5g, med 15g, 20 high/100g.  If the label states 5g/100 this may be low in our mind and therefore on the eat list. However check what a serving actually is before you celebrate. 1 serving may be 250g, so now the sugar content is not so great. Get smart and check your labels on the path to better health. 

 We all know life is stressful at times. It can be a useful strategy to categorise your "stressors" into E-R-C. You will have stressors that you can 1. Eliminate 2. Reduce and 3. Cope with. It's an excellent exercise and makes you realise you have some control over your stressors!

 I was recently explaining to a client with neck pain that they should stop stretching there upper trapezius muscle because it was already lengthened and he suggested just like cars we should have a recall on exercises.
The upper trapezius is a muscle in the neck that attaches to the shoulder blade.  When we have poor posture ie our shoulder blades are forward and downwardly rotated the upper trapezius is in a lengthened position.  When a muscle is lengthened it feels tight so you can understand why it was originally thought a good idea to stretch  the upper trapezius - because a tight muscle you stretch right.  Well normally but in this case the upper trapezius feels tight because it is already lengthened.
So you guessed it.  The upper trapezius will feel less tight if we shorten it and correct our posture. So we now suggest you shrug your shoulders and correct the shoulder blades to make the upper trapezius feel less tight.
Shoulder blade position is of course influenced by other muscles.  A tight levator scapula or pec minor will effect positioning. 
As would weakness in the posterior shoulder blades ..,so we are not recalling all exercises.
It is common to find it hard to maintain neck posture and of course if you have other muscle imbalances like I just described 
it certainly would impact on this.  But constant cognitive correction of posture is considered beneficial in relieving neck pain.
If it hurts to shrug please stop and seek a professionals help.

To look after your feet, especially for those with stiff or flat feet: Practice flattening and losing your arches in standing. Then lift your toes up and down. Also lift your heels up and down. Hold these positions for five to ten seconds. Then correct your foot position using a mirror and remember to do this throughout the day.

 As the weather gets cooler you may notice you skin getting drier and itchy. Take time to moisturise after your bath/shower to prevent the problem. And next time you go to the movies take some hand cream with you - you'll be sitting still for a couple of hours and will leave with silky soft hands!

Make-up classes - reminder....

The option to do make up classes remains a supplementary feature.  IF there is room in a class for that term, then make up classes may be taken.

REMINDER:  We will place on the website at the end of week 2 which sessions have space in them for the current term. This will be in the ‘Timetable’ section ABOVE the Roseville timetable.

Some of you are feeling like we are not answering your emails promptly enough regarding make up classes, as office hours for Pro-align are only Tuesday and Friday afternoon, we can miss your same day requests to do make up classes. I hope you can understand and accept our apologies.

Please refer to the website from now on, go to a class of the same level or below, and introduce yourself to your teacher.

I hope this new system makes life a little easier.


Home Exercise Sheets

For those of you who would like some structure to your home rehab, we have some home exercise sheets with a theme for each term. There are 10 exercises, 1 for each week based on a movement and recruitment theme. 

Please ask your teacher if you would like a copy.

Alternatively pick one exercise from our extensive free video library on the site and focus on that for the week. Progressions are often shown in the video. 

We would like to thank you once again for another great term and look forward to progressing your rehab in Term 3. Always feel free to ask any questions of your instructor or alternatively contact Sally.

The website is regularly updated with free tips on nutrition, healthy lifestyle and exercises for you to follow, so keep an eye out for updates.

Enjoy Term 3!

From the team...Sally, Kim, Alison, Michelle & Hayley.