Welcome to the seventeenth edition of Gillware's Partner Newsletter.

Gillware Partner Newsletter

Our goal is to provide Partners with the most up-to-date information about the Partner Program as well as tips and in-depth articles about data recovery and online backup to help you expertly manage or prevent data loss. Please contact us with your feedback, questions or requests for content!

What's in a Solid State Drive?

This month, our marketing intern completed his summer project video on solid state drives. In this 5 minute video, he walks through each of the internal components of a solid state drive and explains what they do. There is even a brief section on the physics behind NAND flash memory, so hopefully even the most tech-savvy can learn something. [Click here to watch.]

To our Valued Partners:

Earlier this month, I was in Santa Clara, CA for the 2015 Flash Memory Summit. I attended the conference as the chair of the Data Recovery/Erase Special Interest Group formed through SNIA. During the conference, I participated in a number of different press appearances to promote the mission of the group. Check out the interviews on our blog.

Scott Holewinski
President, Gillware, Inc.

Is cloud storage an adequate backup?

Cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive boast huge amounts of storage for very low prices. But when it comes to backing up your critical data, are cloud storage providers really a viable alternative to online backup? [Click here to read more.]

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file?

When you delete a file by mistake, it's usually pretty reversible. Even if it's not an easy fix, data recovery can be possible, or you can restore from a backup. But did you know that some backup services delete files from the backup archive if they're deleted from a computer? This means if you accidentally delete a file, you might be out of luck when you try to restore it. [Learn more on our blog.]
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