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Tea Time!

Remember Me?

When I first started a newsletter, I said that I would never email you more than once per month, and more likely once per quarter…
OK, I guess January of 2012 has been long enough as to not over fill your inbox.

I have been posting my work in progress on my MarleyTurned Facebook page, to the possible detriment to the newsletter. You are invited to follow along on Facebook, and ask questions as I go.  You don't need to have your own Facebook page to view it, but if you do, you can "like" the page and automatically see the updates as they happen.

I left off last time talking about photographing your work.  I used my Christmas Angel, as my subject.
Since then my Angel made it to the cover of the November 2012 Woodturning Design magazine, with an article on how to build it.  This article is now on my Website for you to freely download.
So, what’s up?
A little background …
The first time I read about a competition of wooden teapots I thought it was an absurd idea. Why would you want a wooden teapot?  After all, you can‘t use it.  Am I right? The truth is you can’t use most of the things I turn.  I do make an occasional pepper mill, bangle and bottle stopper, but the majority of my pieces are intended to be on display and not used to serve salad. 
 In June of last year I made my first Teapot, Tilted “Morning Tea”.  This Tea Pot gained the interest of a gallery in Los Angles, but not before it was purchased by the Orange County Fair for its permanent collection.  So I made a second “Morning Tea” and another Teapot with some Japanese influence and they both were included in a Gallery exhibit called “Hot Tea”.
Last December, these two teapots and a hollow form that all include what is becoming my trade mark landscape designs, were juried by the Laguna Festival of Arts, in Laguna Beach California. I have been accepted as one of 140 artists displaying work this coming summer. So, after being excited and honored to be chosen, I am now a bit overwhelmed and very busy working to prepare for the show that runs from June 30, till August 31, 2013.
I did take a break in December to build a new turning cabinet. You can see a video about it here:
I also made a new Christmas Ornament for 2012 called the “Christmas Globe.” You can see a video on this here:
But for now, it is back to the shop. These tea pots have taught me to explore form, and whimsy. They are an excuse to make fun shapes and patterns with a complete disregard for functionality.
Their purpose is to create a smile, and maybe a little curiosity.
So, I apologize for the long break, and hope that you get time to explore and escape.
Have fun,
Be safe,
Learn new things,
Larry Marley
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