How many of the architects of social media are switching off, the simple life, giving back 1%, is your website useless?  Plus - make better videos with your smartphone, and a cafe review from Tasmania. 
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five ideas and one coffee

Welcome to five ideas and one coffee. Each week, a combination of what's going on in the ongoing convergence of digital and social media, and how that impacts the way we communicate. Plus, something I learned about coffee this week. I'm back from holidays! It was great, thanks for asking. But I'm back now. So let's get started!

Five Ideas.

Idea One:
I read this headline when it came out, and immediately marked it, but have only just read it - Our minds can be hijacked (smartphone dystopia) - interviews with some of the interface designers who have shaped our modern inability to concentrate.

Idea Two:
Give me the simple life - as I grow steadily older, it's not so much the gadgets that are distracting me, but the bigger-ticket items that give the illusion of stability and success. But they are (I think) an illusion.

Idea Three:
Atlassian allows its employees to spend 1% of their time working for charitable causes, and encourages other companies to pledge 1%.

Idea Four:
Is your website useless? And do you know whether it is or not?

Idea Five (the how-to):
How to make better video with your smartphone - a long list of easy-to-implement, insightful tips.

One Coffee.

This year, I'd like to hear from you about what you've learned over coffee. In the meantime, I had a great coffee out of a shipping container on a mountain.

... that's it!

See you next week. Hit reply if you've learned something, or if you'd like to suggest an idea or a coffee.

David Phillips.
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