How much of a monopoly does Google have between advertising, analytics, and gmail, sexism in Silicon Valley, how much and how quickly AI is moving, how YouTube perfected the feed, how to backup and find out which apps are wasting your iPhone battery, plus the health benefits of coffee.
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five ideas and one coffee

Welcome to five ideas and one coffee. Each week, a combination of what's going on in the ongoing convergence of digital and social media, and how that impacts the way we communicate. Plus, something I learned about coffee this week. Let's get started!

Five Ideas.

Idea One:
How many of us are just serfs on Google's farm - an article written in the light of this week's story in the NYT about Google organising the firing of someone in a think-tank critical of some of their actions

Idea Two:
Ellen Pao has written - from first-hand experience - a long piece about sexism in Silicon Valley

Idea Three:
An insightful piece on the progress being made in AI - a camel-to-cars moment: what happens when we have networks of computers capable of learning from each other, each starting each new day with the best knowledge found the previous day?

Idea Four:
More powerful artificial intelligence has helped YouTube perfect the feed (it's not just channels anymore)

Idea Five (the how-to's):
How to:

One Coffee.

This year, I'd like to hear from you about what you've learned over coffee. In the meantime, there's some new research asking if up to four coffees per day has positive health outcomes.

... that's it!

See you next week. Hit reply if you've learned something, or if you'd like to suggest an idea or a coffee.

David Phillips.
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