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November releases:

Our development teams have been super busy with some important platform updates. We've implemented changes to enhance both the reporting and fundraiser experiences, including a major enhancement to combine fundraiser and registration data.

Stay tuned for further exciting updates coming very soon.

This update includes:

1. Fundraising information combined in registration reports

This much anticipated update, allows for the export of real time fundraising information and registration information to be combined in the same report, making it easy to see what your participants have raised. You have the option to export with or without this additional information.

The additional fields listed below will be exported as real-time data and include:
  • Fundraising Page ID
  • Fundraising Page URL
  • Fundraising Page TAG
  • Page Status
  • Page Type
  • Team Page Title
  • Team Page ID
  • Team TAG
  • Fundraising Page Title
  • Total (Total raised so far on Fundraising Page)
  • User ID
  • Transaction ID
2. Option to donate to individual Team Members from a Team Leader page

Now a donor has the ability to donate to an individual team member within a Team.  Donors will also still have the option to donate the overall team as well.
1) Click Donate on a Team Leader page that has Team Members Present
2) the option is now available to either donate to any of the Team Members, or alternatively, donate to the Team Leader page directly.
3. Event option to stop an event from being searchable through GoFundraise homepage

Fundraisers will now need to navigate to an event page to register first, prior to being able to set up a fundraising page for specific events. This will prevent the fundraiser from creating a page outside of the registration form.
1) Check box located in Event Information tab
2) Event is no longer searchable when creating a page
4. Addition of optional field ‘Mobile Number’ when making a donation

Donors now have the option to include a Mobile Number when they are making a donation.

5. Contact Phone Number is now a required field for all fundraisers

All fundraisers must now input a Contact Phone number in order to create a page. Should the fundraiser be pre-existing and not have a contact number input, they will be prompted to input one the next attempt to create a fundraising page.

6. Updated information on New Fundraising Page Creation emails

When a fundraising page is created for a beneficiary, that beneficiary’s fundraising contact will be emailed a new email template which includes the following data of that particular Fundraiser/Fundraising Page:
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Page Title
  • Page URL
  • Event Name
  • Event ID
  • Contact Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth
7. Updated information on New Donation Made emails

When a Donation is made to a beneficiary, that beneficiary’s donation contact will be emailed a new email template which includes the following data of that particular Donor:
  • Amount
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Number (if given)
  • Address
  • Page (the source to which the donation was made, whether that be a Fundraising/Event/Cause Page)
  • Event Name
  • Event ID
All the best with your fundraising and remember we are here to support your efforts to make a positive difference in the world.

The GoFundraise Team

GoFundraise Support - Remember if you need help with your fundraising, the GoFundraise team is here to help! Simply email or contact your Fundraising Consultant.

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