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October 2009

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Winrock is currently relocating its Arlington office from Rosslyn to Crystal City. The new office is located at 2121 Crystal Drive, Suite 500. The main phone number is 703-302-6500. All staff e-mail addresses will stay the same, and new telephone extensions will be available when the office opens November 2.

Winrock's hydropower work for USAID-funded Renewable Energy Program in Georgia is featured in Water Power & Dam magazine. Click here for the full story.

The Empowerment & Civic Engagement Group has been awarded a $7 million, two-year add-on to the AEI-AGSP program, allowing Winrock to continue to provide over 32,000 scholarships and mentoring support to girls and boys in over 10 countries of southern Africa. The group also received a $4.5 million grant from USDOL to prevent and withdraw children from hazardous labor in Rwanda.

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Hurricane-Resistant Solar Roof Unveiled at New Orleans School
The New Orleans Solar Schools Initiative (NOSSI), a partnership Solar Array on Warren Easton High School Roofbetween Winrock International, Entergy Corporation, Nike and the Louisiana Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, recently completed the first installation of an advanced solar roof at Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans.

The hurricane-resistant, 28-kilowatt solar array with produce approximately 37 megawatt-hours of electricity each year—enough to power three typical residential homes. The solar equipment will also provide a first-hand learning experience for students to research and report on how energy conservation can integrate with solar power.

NOSSI originated with Entergy's purchase of carbon offsets—registered on Winrock's American Carbon Registry—from Nike in 2006. The transaction was part of Entergy's long-range plan to stablize emissions by 20 percent at year-2000 levels by 2010. Nike donated $150,000 of the proceeds from the sale of the carbon offsets, and Entergy has committed up to $1.5 million to install solar systems at more New Orleans public schools. "In this project, Nike and Entergy found a way to use the market to reduce emissions and help students and teachers learn the skills future energy managers will need," said John Kadyszewski, director of ACR.

Nonprofit Improvement Program Hosts Capacity Building Tour
Winrock International's Nonprofit Improvement Program recipients Sweet potato harvest in Eastern Arkansastraveled to eastern Arkansas on a capacity building tour in September. The tour included a visit to the Arkansas Arkansas RC&D Council's Sweet Potato Curing and Storage Facility in Poplar Grove. Participants also visited local farms to see how sweet potatoes are harvested, both by hand and machinery. 

Capacity building tours provide the opportunity for program recipients to learn from each other and gather ideas on how projects may be implemented in their own communities. Winrock has implemented the Nonprofit Improvement Program for the past seven years with funding from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Community Development Initiative. Program paricipants take part in four workshops each year, learning valuable lessons on how to attract funding, how to complete budgets and how to market their projects. Through the course of this project, participating communities have been awarded more than $19.6 million in federal, state and private funding.

Improved Agricultural Goods in Cameroon
Agricultural production throughout the northwest and west provinces Agricultural producer in Cameroonof Cameroon is highly intensive, producing a variety of foods for markets in large urban areas as well as neighboring countries. Due to the inability to preserve products, many producers are forced to sell their harvest during peak periods at a loss. In many markets, goods can be found rotting due to the abundance of production.

The Small Tools Post Harvest Production Project in Cameroon trains local metal manufacturers to build high-quality, low-cost forced-air dryers using locally available materials. The dryer produces high-quallity foodstuffs with excellent color, and can be used to dry fruits, greens, spices, pepper, medicinal plants and even fish. Currently, there are five Winrock-trained manufacturers producing and selling the technology, and eight enterprises are selling dried goods in the local and, in some cases, international markets.

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