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November 2012

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Tuesday, Nov. 27, is the first-ever #GivingTuesday, a national day to promote kicking off the holiday season with activities or contributions in support of nonprofit organizations. Please consider supporting one of Winrock's projects on GlobalGiving:

Additionally, throughout December, GlobalGiving is promoting “a 100 percent match on all initial recurring donations up to $100 per donor.” The one-time donation matching will last until 11:59 EST on Dec. 31, or until the funds run out. Thank you for supporting Winrock!

Winrock's American Carbon Registry (ACR) was recently featured in the 2012 State of the Forest Carbon Market report as the most used forest carbon standard in North America for 2011. Globally, ACR is the second most widely used voluntary carbon market forest standard.

Last month, Winrock's David Norman, group vice president for Winrock’s Enterprise and Agriculture group, was one of the panelists at the Farmer-to-Farmer side event during the 2012 World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue.

On Nov. 29, The Wallace Center’s National Good Food Network will present a webinar, Market-Based Models for Increasing Access to Healthy Food: Defining What Works. Lake County Community Development Corporation (CDC) in Ronan, Montana, will share “specific strategies which they employ to understand their consumers, increase availability of healthy food choices, develop markets, and increase efficiency along their food supply chain.” Register for the webinar today.

Winrock’s ARK Challenge, a three-month start-up accelerator in Fayetteville, Ark., was recently featured in The Arkansas Times. Read the article here.

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Open the holiday season with a day of ‘giving back;’ Support Winrock on #GivingTuesday
Following the popular holiday shopping days known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a new initiative will make its debut this year in hopes of becoming an after-Thanksgiving tradition – only this one is geared around giving something back.

Giving Tuesday is November 27.The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving – Nov. 27 in 2012 – has been dubbed #GivingTuesday and is part of an effort to kick off the annual holiday season with a national day of giving to encourage contributions and activities in support of nonprofit organizations. Winrock International is proud to be a part of this special day and we invite you to participate as well. As part of a blog series on the Huffington Post, Winrock’s Demetria Arvanitis, program director for the Volunteer Technical Assistance division, has written a blog post about the importance of volunteers, who are making a lasting impact around the world.

So, how can you get involved? You can share your expertise by signing up to be a Winrock volunteer and searching current volunteer opportunities. You can also consider making a contribution to one of the Winrock-implemented projects currently on the GlobalGiving site. You can also see a list of Winrock projects featured on GlobalGiving in the News & Notes section of the newsletter on the left side of your screen. Thank you for your support of Winrock’s mission.

Winrock recognizes 16 Days, addresses gender-based violence across many projects
In 1991, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership established the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign, which runs from Nov. 25 to Dec. 1 to raise awareness and promote action to eliminate all forms of violence against women. The dates of November 25, International Day Against Violence Against Women, and December 10, International Human Rights Day, were chosen to create a symbolic link between violence against women and human rights, emphasizing that violence in any form is a violation of basic human rights. Gender-based violence manifests in a range of human rights violations, including rape and sexual harassment, psychological and physical abuse of women, domestic violence, trafficking of women and girls and several harmful traditional practices.

Winrock International addresses gender-based violence through many of its programs, including those that combat trafficking in persons. Trafficking is often preceded and caused by the inferior position of women and girls in families, communities, and societies. In countries where poverty rates are high and gender inequality is pervasive, gender-based violence can lead to isolation of women and girls, decreased access to education and information, and increase their vulnerability to being trafficked. Winrock’s programs around the world demonstrate that women’s access to information, livelihood tools, life skills training, and mentoring can empower them to make changes in their lives and rebuild their identities while promoting community understanding and protection of survivors and those at risk.

Domestic violence training in Moldova.In Moldova, Winrock has a long history of providing comprehensive services and training to vulnerable women and survivors of gender-based violence in order to foster their recovery and empower them to overcome economic and social vulnerability. Elena, a young woman from Moldova, found herself in a difficult situation after the birth of her child: her husband became impatient and aggressive. He criticized her cooking and cleaning and started coming home drunk. Elena felt guilty and questioned her abilities as a wife. With time, the abuse worsened and Elena was often humiliated in front of his friends and family; however, they told her to tolerate it because “that is how men are.” Her husband often apologized, but the abuse did not end. Elena continued living in an abusive situation hoping her husband would change.

Finally, her love for her son and desire to protect him from a negative upbringing pushed her to leave. With no means to survive, she took an illegal job in Russia and left her child with her parents. She could not bear separation and came back. It was then she learned about Winrock’s services for domestic violence survivors, through the Alleviating Domestic Violence and Abuse through New Community Efforts (ADVANCE) program, funded by the Oak Foundation. She received psychological counseling and enrolled in entrepreneurship courses, and eventually opened a small clothing shop. She is now confident in herself and her ability to provide for her child.

Winrock encourages all its programs to consider how they can promote gender equality and raise awareness against gender-based violence in their activities. For more information on the 16 Days campaign, visit the campaign website.


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