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March 2012

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Winrock’s Management of Aquatic Ecosystems through Community Husbandry (MACH) project was featured in a blog post last month on the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature blog. The post highlights MACH’s innovative approach to watershed management in Bangladesh, which was implemented from 1998 to 2009.

If you missed the March 15 webinar “Harvesting Investment Dollars from the 99%: Cutting Edge Ways to Fund Your Food Business” from the Wallace Center’s National Good Food Network, you can watch the recording here – along with other past webinars in the archive. Webinars usually take place the third Thursday of each month from 3:30 to 4:45 p.m. ET (unless otherwise noted).

On March 13, Winrock’s American Carbon Registry presented the webinar: Update on Key Elements of California’s Compliance Carbon Offset Market. It included an overview by Rajinder Sahota from the California Air Resources Board on the state's greenhouse gas cap-and-trade regulation and updates concerning the development of key elements of the carbon offset market. You can watch a recording of the webinar on Winrock's YouTube channel.

In the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) working paper Baseline GHG Emissions from the Agricultural Sector and Mitigation Potential in Countries of East and West Africa, Winrock International lays the ground work to explore where climate change mitigation actions in the agriculture sector can be taken in nine countries without compromising their food security. The paper first estimates the business-as-usual emissions of greenhouse gases for four East African countries — Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda; and five West African countries — Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Niger, and Senegal. Then it examined the annual quantity of CO2 equivalents per hectare that could be sequestered in soil and vegetation (agroforests and native ecosystems) above business-as-usual for several potential mitigation options across the nine countries. Download the complete paper here.

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Winrock and partners launch The ARK accelerator program for technology startups
Winrock and partners launch The ARK accelerator program for technology startupsLaunched in Fayetteville, Ark., on March 14, The ARK is a new mentorship-driven business accelerator program for technology startups. It has the distinction of being selected by the Department of Commerce Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge as one of only 20 projects nationwide to receive federal funding for the advancement of regional competitiveness.

The ARK is an initiative of Winrock International, in partnership with the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and NorthWest Arkansas Community College. It is a full member of the Global Accelerator Network, formerly known as the TechStars Network, and is a partner of the Startup America initiative and consists of independently owned and operated organizations that utilize a mentorship-based startup accelerator model. The ARK is an initiative to aid in the growth of information technology companies in northwest Arkansas to advance the following three industries: retail, food processing, and transportation and logistics.

The ARK is accepting applications now from startups nationwide for a 14-week entrepreneurial bootcamp program — including over $18,000 in funding, mentorship, networking and resources — to commence in the Fall of 2012.

“From Winrock International’s perspective, this is an absolutely delightful moment. We are so proud to be part of the partnership that brought all of this together,” said Frank Tugwell, president and CEO, Winrock International. “I’d like this just to be the beginning. It seems to me that what we have shown and can show here today is that with energy and imagination, it’s possible to leverage private investment and innovative ideas that come out of the University to create jobs and to build an economy.”

The ARK is made possible because of the support of three federal agencies, Economic Development Administration, the Small Business Administration and Employment and Training Administration, as well as Winrock International, Gravity Ventures and Fund for Arkansas' Future. To learn more, visit the website or contact The ARK Challenge Director, Jeannette Balleza.

Winrock develops new MUS models and tools to advance innovative approach
Winrock develops new MUS models and tools to advance innovative approachMultiple-Use Water Services (MUS) is an innovative approach to water delivery that seeks to provide sustainable water services that reflect the multiple water needs of poor households. Over the past five years there have been major advances in MUS implementation and growing interest among sector professionals, policymakers and donors. However, a lack of awareness, operational models and capacity have kept the approach from spreading as quickly as it could. As part of the Rockefeller Foundation learning initiative on MUS, Winrock International collaborated with a creative group of partners to produce an engaging set of new tools and models.

Winrock produced a two-minute animated advocacy video, “Keeping the Water Flowing,” that shows what MUS is all about in a simple and compelling way (watch the video here). Also, in collaboration with, Winrock created an implementation guide that includes three working models to show implementers, funders and policymakers what MUS is, how it looks in practice, and how to incorporate MUS into their own operations. Finally, Winrock developed and tested an interactive three-day MUS training program for international development sector professionals. Topics include the need for MUS, benefits of the approach, key concepts and how to incorporate MUS into existing project frameworks.

For more information on Multiple-Use Water Services, contact Mary Renwick, director, Water Innovation Program.

Winrock launches ARISE program with events in Brazil and Malawi
Winrock launches ARISE program with events in Brazil and MalawiLast month Winrock International, Japan Tobacco International (JTI), and the International Labour Organization (ILO) officially launched the Achieving Reduction in Child Labor in Support of Education (ARISE) Program in Malawi and southern Brazil. The program aims to prevent and eliminate child labor within the tobacco-growing industry.

The Feb. 8 program launch in Brazil was held in the municipality of Arroio do Tigre and featured speeches by key government stakeholders at the local, state and national levels — including the guest of honor, National Secretary of the Child and Adolescent, Carmen Silveira de Oliveira. The Malawi launch, on Feb. 22, in Lilongwe District, was presided over by Minister of Labor Lucius Kanyumba.

“Child labor results from a number of challenges, including economic factors, inaccessible and poor education systems, weak agricultural infrastructure, and some cultural beliefs,” said Malawi ARISE Program Director Bertha Mkandawire. “Winrock therefore takes an integrated approach that supports positive change in education, livelihoods, awareness and agricultural development. We are pleased that JTI has fully embraced this integrated approach in an effort to make sustainable reductions in child labor in the tobacco sector.”

ARISE is a multi-year program to prevent and eliminate child labor by addressing the socioeconomic and cultural factors that drive small-holder tobacco farmers to engage children in hazardous work. The program focuses in particular on communities where JTI purchases its leaf. Approximately 8,000 children and adults in Malawi and Brazil are expected to benefit from the program.

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