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April 2011

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Winrock’s American Carbon Registry (ACR) announced approval of its first REDD methodology for Avoiding Planned Deforestation, developed by Winrock’s forest carbon team and approved through a public comment and peer review process. The methodology is applicable in the U.S. and internationally for registration of carbon-offset projects that reduce emissions from avoided conversion of forest to non-forest use or avoided degradation of forests.

In March, ACR Founding Members Nike, Xcel Energy and Finite Carbon Corporation received ACR awards for outstanding environmental achievements .

At the 5th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum in Lima, Peru, the Winrock International Nepal team was presented a Special Achievement Award for its work to alleviate indoor smoke in rural Nepal .

Amelia Peltz, Winrock program officer for Gender and Women’s Empowerment, was published in the March issue (p. 17) of InterAction’s Monday Developments magazine, where she wrote about the progress made toward gender equality within international development, as well as the work yet to be done.

Food Hubs (or regional aggregation facilities committed to a value chain approach) are a key component to get healthy, fair, affordable and green food to consumers. The Wallace Center at Winrock International – at the forefront of working with market-based, sustainable food systems – recently collaborated with USDA and two other national organizations to study dozens of Food Hubs across the country. Sign up for a free webinar on May 19 to hear findings about this new food distribution paradigm.

An Arkansas startup, Hy-Conn, which has been receiving assistance from Winrock’s Innovate Arkansas program, will appear in the May 13 episode of Shark Tank on ABC to pitch their product .

Last month, during a celebration of International Women’s Day, Dr. Michael Milly Hussein, minister of education for the Government of Southern Sudan, addressed the nation about the difficulties facing young women trying to complete secondary school. During his remarks, he recognized the Winrock-implemented Gender Equity through Education (GEE) program as a committed partner supporting girls’ education and called on other partners to follow this example.

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Winrock’s NATELI Helps Launch First Energy Audit Laboratory in Republic of Georgia
Winrock’s NATELI Helps Launch First Energy Audit Laboratory in Republic of GeorgiaIn March, Georgia Technical University (GTU) opened the first Energy Audit and Diagnostics Laboratory in the Republic of Georgia, which will allow students to be trained on energy efficiency testing equipment. Equipment for the laboratory was secured through the technical and financial assistance of the USAID New Applied Technology and Lighting Initiative (NATELI) program implemented by Winrock International, with support from the Ministry of Energy of Georgia.

One of the most important institutions promoting energy efficiency in Georgia, GTU hosted a ceremony on March 15 to celebrate the launch of the laboratory. Included among the attendees were John R. Bass, U.S. ambassador to Georgia; Natia Mikeladze, deputy minister of energy of Georgia; Jill Kelley, USAID representative; and Inga Pkhaladze, Winrock’s NATELI chief of party.

In addition to its support for the testing facility, Winrock also developed an Energy Audit Manual and training program for GTU faculty and students under the NATELI program to help the university establish a solid energy auditing program that will produce qualified energy efficiency professionals for the Republic of Georgia. Also, NATELI is promoting and building broader interest and capacity for energy efficiency and demand-side management in the Republic of Georgia by assisting the hospital sector and residential sector in Tbilisi with energy audits for buildings to analyze the opportunities, costs and benefits of installing energy efficiency lighting and heating retrofits.

Winrock-Supported NUDEIL Brings Hope to Community; 20 Families Reap Early Benefits
Winrock-Supported NUDEIL Program Brings Hope to Community; 20 Families Reap Early BenefitsWinrock International provides technical support to Ugandan District Governments implementing the Northern Uganda Development of Enhanced Local Governance, Infrastructure and Livelihoods (NUDEIL) program. The following is an early NUDEIL success story.

Apala B Primary school was opened in 1989 by parents from the local community, but due to lack of sufficient classrooms and teacher’s housing, many children do not have the ability to complete primary school there. According to the school’s head teacher, the existing four classrooms are not enough for the 500 enrolled pupils.

However, now, thanks to the $300,000 Apala B Primary School rehabilitation project financed by USAID under the NUDEIL Program, and implemented by Oyam District Local Government, not only will local children have the ability to receive an education, but also local families are finding opportunities for employment and income.

In fact, only one kilometer away from the Apala B rehabilitation project site 24-year-old Bony Ogweny is selling sand to the contractor. He digs 10 truckloads of sand daily to make over $65 which is 10 times higher than average monthly income in northern Uganda. Bony employs nine youths who help him do his work every day. “I’m excited about this income and I’m going to use this money to fulfill my dream of joining university this year,” says Bony. ... Continue reading.

Winrock Volunteer Spotlight: Florida Woman Helps Farmers in Kenya, Returns Enriched
Winrock Volunteer Spotlight: Florida Woman Helps Farmers in Kenya, Returns EnrichedKathy Colverson is passionate about volunteering and it shows in the enthusiasm she displays when recounting her own experiences with the USAID John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer program.

Colverson has twice taken time away from her job as associate director of program development at the University of Florida’s International Center to offer her experience and assistance to Winrock’s Partnership for Safe Poultry in Kenya program. She used her expertise to help make improvements to the poultry value chain, encourage growth in the market, and assist in the creation of a National Poultry Improvement Plan.

Winrock staff spoke with Colverson after her second volunteer trip to Kenya. Here is what she so graciously (and enthusiastically) shared.

Why did you want to volunteer?

“Because, I love it! Everyone in the world should be of service. If you can volunteer with people less fortunate and learn yourself, it’s a beautiful experience. Anytime I can contribute my skill set to helping disadvantaged or marginalized folks, it is always a valuable use of my time. Also, I welcome any chance I have to work to benefit women; women are important to agriculture everywhere.” ... Continue reading.

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