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October 2010

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President Bill Clinton gave the keynote address during Winrock International’s 25th anniversary luncheon on Sept. 8 in Little Rock, Ark. Watch the video here.

Winrock International’s American Carbon Registry (ACR) announced approval of an Improved Forest Management (IFM) Methodology developed by Finite Carbon Corporation. The methodology, approved through ACR’s public consultation and expert peer review process, targets privately owned industrial timberlands in the U.S. managed under an existing commercial timber harvest program. Read the press release here and read the methodology here.

The 5th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum will be Feb. 21-26, 2011, in Lima, Peru. More than 300 household energy, health and government leaders will gather, all focused on reducing exposure to indoor smoke from cooking and heating – while improving health, livelihoods and quality of life. Winrock is co-coordinator of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air, along with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. See more information on the 2011 Forum here.

Winrock’s Multiple-Use Water Services (MUS) project in Niger was featured in the September issue of “Global Waters,” USAID’s new electronic newsletter on integrated water resources management. Read the story here.

The inauguration of a safe drinking water plant at Chinakakani in India was featured in the October 7 edition of The Hindu newspaper. The plant is a safe drinking water project of Winrock International, the Coca-Cola Foundation and Naandi Foundation.

A publicity day was organized by the Winrock team working with the Integrated Water Sanitation and Hygiene (iWASH) Program in Morogoro Region, Tanzania during the 5th Tanzania Joint Water Sector Review (JWSR). The purpose was to introduce attendees to relatively unknown appropriate technologies and to promote the rope pump, hand drilling and low-cost water filters. During the exhibit, the Tanzanian Minister of Water and Agriculture stopped to visit with the team.

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Winrock’s Anti-Desertification Efforts Bring Hope to Tibetan Communities
Anti-desertification efforts bring hope to Tibetan communitiesIn just two decades, 200 lakes in Ruo’ergai County have dried up due to desertification, and Shitso Lake, once home to a large and rich variety of biodiversity, is disappearing. Ruo’ergai is where the Yellow river and Rmechu River meet, and is referred to by local people as “the kidneys of the Yellow river” since the plateau wetlands in this area are the water source of 30 percent of the Yellow river. What was once green pasture is now sand. Ruo’ergai, (Dzorge in Tibetan) in China’s Sichuan Province, Aba Prefecture, is known as a “water tower” of China. However, villagers can see the desert creeping up on them, and with the rate of desertification increasing by approximately 8 percent annually, community members from Tsheshul Village expressed a fear that within only a few short years their village would be swallowed up by sand. This fear, coupled with unsuccessful programs in the past to reverse the desertification, left local people feeling hopeless to do anything about it.

The USAID-funded TSERING program, implemented by Winrock International, responded to this urgent need in the spring of 2010, through anti-desertification training and activities (fencing, planting grass seeds and trees, and fertilizing) in cooperation with the Ruo’ergai Forestry Bureau and TSERING partner Sichuan Grassland Research Institute (LOMAN). Working together with local communities and government, in just a few months, the TSERING project changed 800 Mu of desert back into grassland and provided communities with a successful and replicable example of how to reverse the desertification trend.

[Continue reading the full story about Winrock’s impact on Tibetan communities.]

Oak Foundation funds CATCH Project  to Raise Awareness on Trafficking of Children
CATCH raises awareness on trafficking of childrenThe Winrock-implemented project, Combating Abuse and Trafficking of Children (CATCH), has worked to raise awareness about the trafficking of women and children in Brazil. Through a campaign and drama performances by children in the State of Bahia, Brazil, CATCH has been instrumental in bringing attention to this issue. During the past two months leading up to the International Day Against Trafficking of Children and Women, children with the drama group Iyá de Erê have presented the play "Que me ensinou a nadar?" – “Who taught me to swim?” – in the city of Salvador. As part of the exhibit "A Cidade CRIA,” the play raises awareness on child trafficking.

More than 2,600 people have watched the exhibit, including children and youth from the indigenous tribe Pataxó, in the South of Bahia, who have denounced the trafficking of children in their tribes. Children of local drama groups also presented other sketches on the issue to raise awareness in several communities around the city.

CATCH is a program funded by the Oak Foundation and implemented by Winrock that is working to link civil society with government efforts to combat child trafficking in Brazil through public awareness initiatives, training and support for government and civil society groups, and provision of services to victims and vulnerable youth. To date, more than 3,500 people have been reached by activities and awareness campaigns and more than 100 children and youth have engaged in educational and artistic activities.

Winrock’s Wallace Center Provides Resources for Farmers Market Managers
Wallace Center provides resources for farmers market managers.In celebration of National Farmers Market Week in August, the Wallace Center at Winrock International released “The Farmers Market Manager FAQ,” a multimedia online resource for farmers market managers. “The Farmers Market Manager FAQ” is the last installment of a four-year, $500,000 resource-development and capacity-building initiative funded by the USDA Risk Management Agency to assist socially disadvantaged domestic producers who direct-market their crops. The newly released resource features an interactive website that answers 50 of the most frequently asked questions about farmers market management and includes video explanations from leading market managers.

Over the past four years, the Wallace Center has partnered with dozens of local, regional and national organizations involved in direct marketing. These partnerships have helped the Wallace Center create relevant and useful risk management materials for socially disadvantaged farmers. In addition to the “Farmers Market Manager FAQ,” the Wallace Center has distributed more than 8,000 copies of the popular plain language handbooks for farmers and market managers. In addition to developing risk management resources, the Wallace Center provided capacity and technical assistance to the Farmers Market Coalition, primarily through the development of a fully searchable online resource library – with more than 450 documents – for the farmers market community.


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