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Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators
January 2015

Hello and Happy New Year! Along with a few articles we hope you'll find interesting, in this newsletter we announce four iGirl workshop coming up in the next few months, as well as an awesome new sexual health app for parents developed in consultation with the legendary Meg Hickling. We here at Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators are ready to take 2015 on with our one-of-a-kind programs for parents and children and lots of exciting plans for growth. With feedback from students like the comments below, how could we not love our jobs?!

iGirl Empowerment Workshops
The Sharon Crittenden Memorial Scholarship continues, allowing us to sponsor several more girls in financial need to join us at iGirl in 2015. To refer a candidate, please email us.

iGirl is a lighthearted, two or three day workshop that prepares 9-12 year old girls for the multimedia pressure-cooker they’ll soon encounter. Saleema Noon and her team tackle topics including puberty, safety on the internet, healthy body image, and how to be assertive in even the toughest situations.

Winter/Spring 2013-2014 iGirl Schedule
  • February 28 and March 1
    Surrey, Ocean Park Library
  • April 18 and 19
    Burnaby, Cliff Avenue Clubhouse
  • May 2 and 3
    North Vancouver, Capilano Library
  • May 30 and 31
    Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver
Cost for two day program: $169
• $20 off if you register a month or more before, or
• $25 off if you register with a friend
Price includes GST, one discount per participant.
To register online, please click here    
To register by mail, please click here (payment by cheque).
We also run in-school iGirl workshops! Email iGirl School Program Manager Ashley McIntosh to book a workshop for this school year.

Teaching Boys about Vulnerability and Courage…Bring on the Brené Brown!

One of my proudest moments in 16 years of teaching happened during our first iGuy pilot program last January. At the end of the two-hour session, our facilitator Andrew asked the boys to share with the group something about themselves that their peers may not know.

When it came to his turn, one of the quieter boys in the class said “ Everyone thinks I’m all about sports but I really enjoy sewing too. “

Trying not to be obvious, Andrew and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes (seriously). It was in that moment that we knew we were on to something with iGuy. We also reflected after the session that if every pre-teen boy were this courageous, there would be little need for iGuy!

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Postcards From the Edge

For further enquiries about our workshops please email Saleema or call 604.418.9417.

Saleema was in Body Science class with Grade 1s one morning recently talking about how babies are made when an egg and sperm join:
Student: What if a woman has two men in her vagina?
Saleema: Well, only one man can deliver sperm at one time.
Student: But what if one man delivered sperm and then another man delivered it right after?
[Before Saleema had a chance to respond…]
Another student: Well, I guess the baby gets two dads!

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Feature Slang Word (s)
Q:  My 8-year-old daughter tells me she keeps hearing about New Year’s resolutions on TV commercials lately. She asked what they meant, and now she wants to make some.  Is it healthy for her to do that at her age or will it be too much pressure on her? And is it too late seeing as it’s already the end of January?

Saleema: Eat fewer carbs, exercise more, drink less, buy more organic, spend less time at the office, give more to charity, drink more water, be more organized…it’s that time of year again! The pressure and expectation we place on ourselves through resolutions can be daunting even for us adults and I don’t blame you for being hesitant to introduce the concept to your daughter.  But how about turning this in to an opportunity for your and your daughter (and the rest of your family) to work together on a fun and motivating project?  And as for it being the end of January already, why do we need a new year to make positive changes in our lives? I say we don’t!

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Have a wonderful winter and spring. We look forward to seeing you somewhere in our travels this school year!
Saleema, Brandy, Ashley, Cath, Anna and Andrew

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