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News and Recipes for the week of July 2, 2015
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July 2, 2015


"Everything has been delicious so far, and I love checking out the recipes that you guys recommend. Thanks for putting together the email each week with information on what's in the bag. Otherwise, I wouldn't know anything about some of the veggies I'm eating!"   

-2015 GRMB subscriber

It's an explosion of color this week as we kick off the month of July and enter week four of the Market Bag. This week's spread is a perfect representation of the seasonality of summer, where we have the pleasure of experiencing our first carrots, colorful beets, tender greens and new potatoes in one harvest. Enjoy the long holiday weekend and be sure to celebrate the bounty!

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Mokum Carrots

The Mokum is one of the tastiest summer carrots for eating raw. Crunchy and sweet, even the pickiest vegetable eater won't be able to resist. Eat them straight, shred them in a slaw, or glaze them. Use your carrot tops as you would curly parsley: add to a salad, soup stock, or use them in a pesto. Separate the greens before storing. Carrots keep well in the crisper in a tied plastic bag, but we say don't wait!

Purplette Onions

Sunbeam Family Farm
A gorgeous addition to this week's show of colors, these mild and sweet specialty onions resemble a red onion in appearance alone. Far less pungent, they make an excellent quick pickle for a killer cookout condiment. When cooked, they will soften and turn creamy. This makes them excellent creamed or roasted (our favorite)--greens and all. Store loose in the crisper, away from fruits, to keep firm.


Gold and Red Beets

Dangling Carrot Farm
This week's beets are in a festive array of gold and red. Use yours in a warm roasted salad alongside your carrots and fennel,or a Beet, Potato and Avocado Salad. If you're seeking inspiration, check out this list of 20 Gorgeous Beet Salads and see what strikes you. Be sure to use the greens in a salad, pasta or sauté. Separate the roots and greens, then store both in the crisper in a sealed plastic bag.


Red New Potatoes

Dangling Carrot Farm
Summer is the time for new potatoes. The sweet, small potatoes are moist with an incredibly thin skin, so don't peel them. Perfect for slicing and roasting--crispy on the outside, and creamy on the inside--try them on the grill for your holiday cookout in this recipe for Pan Grilled New Potatoes. Store at room temperature, in a dry, cool location. They are delicate, and should be used within a few days.


Preludio Fennel

Wayward Seed Farm
Fennel is a crunchy, sweet vegetable with a slight anise flavor. It makes an ideal addition to salads and slaws, and is a nice addition to roasted roots like carrots and beets. If you're new to the joys of fennel, read this tutorial on using both the bulb and its stalks. Store in the crisper drawer, away from fruits. If you encounter a few wilted leaves, just peel them away. If the bulb softens, slice and shock in ice water.


Red Russian Kale

Rock Dove Farm
Slice kale into ribbons for a colorful addition to any salad. Use it warm in a grilled Caesar. Add it to soup, quiche or slaw. If you find yourself in search of a new way to prepare kale this season, try it as a main dish in a gratin. Consider adding your fennel bulb (sliced thin) to the recipe, then serve it with a salad and a glass of white wine for a lovely summer meal. Store in the crisper in a plastic bag.


Lettuce Mix

Dangling Carrot Farm
We know you've enjoyed this fresh and tender salad mix over the last several weeks. These greens are mild, delicate, and should be lightly dressed. They are also lovely wilted in warm rice or pasta, with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, lemon, salt and pepper. Store them in your crisper, fluffed, with the bag left open.


Summer Harvest Honey

Honeyrun honey from Williamsport, Ohio, is 100% pure, raw honey, retaining the enzymes, trace vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, antibacterial properties, and natural taste. Summer honey is sprightly sweet with a depth of flavor. It is made primarily from clover, Canadian thistle, and wild blackberries. Your honey will store in the pantry indefinitely.

For our Fruit Share Members:

Black cherries and black raspberries are in your share this week. This week's black raspberries are from Hirsch Fruit Farm, and the Cavalier sweet cherries are from Bauman Orchards. Make the most of your share contents this week and bake a beautiful Blackberry-Cherry Cobbler with Honey-Whipped Cream. (Just adjust the fruit amounts in the recipe to reflect the fruit you have.) Store your cherries in a plastic or paper bag in the fridge as soon as you get them home. If you prefer to freeze them, here's a great tutorial.

An important note about berry storage: This wet start to summer will have an affect on your berries. As soon as you get home, spread them out on paper towels and discard any molded berries. One will ruin an entire bunch quickly! Then immediately put them in the fridge. (We store ours spread on a paper-towel lined plate.) One member suggests spraying them with a solution of one-part white vinegar to ten-parts water before placing in the fridge to extend their freshness. Don't rinse until ready to use; they are incredibly delicate.
Please note: All produce in this week's Great River Market Bag is certified organic by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). Honeyrun Farm Summer Honey is not certified organic. The fruit share is also not certified organic.

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