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News and recipes for the week of October 15, 2015
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October 15, 2015


Welcome to week 20! It's hard to believe we are two-thirds of the way through the season, and that today will be the final delivery for our popular fruit share. We're very fortunate to offer a Market Bag filled with lush lettuces and leafy vegetables this week, as it won't be long before the frost sets in. Enjoy this week's harvest!

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If you've been eyeing our newsletter all season and thinking about joining, now is the perfect time to become a member! With ten weeks left in the season, we're planning a delicious array of root crops, squash, hardy greens, and more. Click here to sign up for a 10 Week Market Bag today!



Green Beans 

Blanch and serve your beans in a saladroast them with a touch of soy sauce, or saut√© in butter and toss with fresh-squeezed lemon. Store in their bag in the crisper, and use within five days.or  and garlic. Store in a bag in the crisper and use within a few days.


Rainbow Carrots

Wayward Seed Farm
Orange carrots may reign, but whites, yellows and purples are a restoration of gorgeous (and nutritious) varieties available before the 16th Century. Show your colors with Roasted Rainbow Carrots. Store in the crisper.


All Blue Potatoes

Wayward Seed Farm
Likely the most direct descendant of potatoes found 10,000 years ago in the Peruvian Andes, these have as much antioxidant power as kale and spinach. We like them fork-crushed. Store room temp in a dark place. No need to peel.


Baby Bok Choi

This stunning and nutrient-rich head of bok choi would be excellent in Stir-Fried Bok Choi with Ginger and Garlic, or as a in a Curry. (Use your blue potatoes!) Keep in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge.



Sippel Family Farm
Who doesn't love fresh-cut broccoli? Pair it with your blue potatoes in this Garlic Parmesan Broccoli and Potatoes side. Store your broccoli in an open plastic bag in the crisper and use within a few days.


Red Oakleaf Lettuce

Rock Dove Farm
This gorgeous, tender oakleaf lettuce is a stunning deep red and incredibly nutritious, too. Dress lightly; don't weigh it down. Store in a loosely tied plastic bag in the crisper and use within a few days.



Rock Dove Farm
Fennel is a crunchy, sweet vegetable with a slight anise flavor. It makes an ideal addition to salads and slaws, and roasted roots. Read this tutorial on using both the bulb and its stalks. Store in the crisper drawer, away from fruits. If you encounter a few wilted leaves, just peel them away.



These yellow onions are excellent keepers. Leave them in a cool dry place, and you'll have months to use them. Or, use them up now in Garlic-Roasted Carrots, Potatoes & Onions or make Warm Fennel & Parmesan Dip, paired with this week's broccoli and green beans, blanched and salted. 

For our Fruit Share Members:

In the final fruit share of the season, you'll find a mix of late season apples and fresh-pressed apple cider from Hirsch Fruit Farm in Chilicothe.

Celebrate the season with Crock Pot Apple Butter, Apple Chips, or Alton Brown's Caramelized Apple Pie. You could also make your own Caramel Apples. Were making and freezing a big batch of these Apple Pie Breakfast Cookies from The Kitchn, and doling them out for snacks and breakfasts! As for that cider, make donuts, reduce to a syrup or serve up a fall-themed Spiked Apple Cider cocktail. 
Store your apples in an open plastic bag in the crisper, ideally away from veggies.
Please note: All produce in this week's Great River Market Bag is certified organic by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). The fruit share is not certified organic.

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