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Only Days...

...until the start of the worlds most prestigious Diabetic Foot Conference.  Have you reserved your virtual seat yet?  CLICK HERE for more info

DFCon 2010 - NEXT WEEK!

Starting next week LIVE from the 18th of March (L.A. Time) this will be one of the major highlights of this educational year.

Can I get Continuing Education Points?

YES.  Watching DFCon Live on PORTAL is just like going in person.  Conference organizers award CPE's to Podiatrists from the US.  Health professionals from Australia, New Zealand and the UK can also claim CPE's.

DFCon 2010

Live from Los Angeles - Broadcast to the world.  DFCon brings together the best of the best all in one room over 3 days!  Can't make it to the meeting?  Watch it ONLINE with PORTAL Education.

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How do I watch it?

SImply click the JOIN LIVE CONFERENCE button on the homepage the day DFCon starts - thats it!  One click and you are there - LIVE!