Dear Friend,

This is the most important email I have ever written you. I hope you'll take 5 minutes to read it and watch the video I've made that explains everything.

The short version is that today I'm launching a new platform for design resources. It's called and I want you there!

Apply Pixels is a new type of sustainable design resource with the singular goal of empowering designers and people interested in design. On the site you'll find downloadable and evolving templates and UI kits, video tutorials and articles that will help power your design process. 

Every single template that you know from have been updated with fixes and improvements since you last downloaded them and detailed video tutorials have been made for each template. In short; the templates you know have become better and easier to use and have also been joined by a few new ones. The idea is that we'll grow the collection with a new template every month while existing tools are kept up-to-date.

Access to these and future templates will require you to become a subscribing member at Membership is a low monthly fee and you can cancel any time. By becoming a member, you’re not only securing access to these high quality time-saving resources, you’re helping us build a growing platform for design tools.

As have crossed its 1 millionth download (!) it is time to move on to something bigger and more ambitious. Moving from a free donate-based resource to a subscription-based platform isn't something I'm doing lightly. The App Icon template project has been a tremendous ride for me and I've enjoyed maintaining it all these years. But if we are to grow beyond it, we need to turn it into a sustainable business. Revenue will help cover the cost of developing new resources, updating existing ones, making video tutorials and writing articles. I have personally seen how big of a difference the right tools can make and I think there's a lot we can do to make design as a whole more approachable.

If enough people support this, there's very few limits to what we can do. I want to thank you for your attention these past few years and all I humbly ask is that you check out and see if it's something you'd like to be a part of.

I hope you'll join me.


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New Template: iOS Wireframe Kit

With the iOS wireframe template you get a vast library of assets to quickly build out prototypes and mockups. Check out the video tutorial I made to become a prototyping ninja in 7 minutes. An amazingly versatile tool for anyone building interfaces.

New Version: iOS App Icon 6.0

Everything is new at, but most notably is the updates to the beloved iOS App Icon Template. Not only is it now iOS 10 ready, it also finally features the exact squircle used by Apple. Remember how much trouble we had getting it? Well now we have it in the new version. Quiet victory.

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