March, 2017

All you need is 😍 


Hi friend, can you believe that a quarter of the year has already passed? I've got some great free stuff for you this month, here's the latest Apply Pixels news.

This month I released a freebie that has been underway for some time; The Vector Emoji package! A good chunk of the commonly used emojis have been painstakingly recreated in vector for your design needs. It's seriously awesome. Also, the iPad Screenshot template is now available for Sketch in both Landscape and Portrait orientation.

I hope you have an amazing month ❤️ From Denmark

Highlights this month 🗓

✳️ NEW: Vector Emoji
✳️ NEW: iPad Screenshot template for Sketch
🕹 Launched Arcade Trail

Check out the latest updates 👉

All of the smiles you need 😁 In vector

Since forever I have looked for vector versions of various Emoji. Emoji today are so ubiquitous in our design language and I personally use them a lot. I have been in plenty of situations where it would have been great to have a set of editable and scalable emoji. Unfortunately there are close to zero good sources online– I at least never managed to find any that I liked.

So I'm excited to finally be able to give one away on Apply Pixels.

Download the Vector Emoji Set

iPad Screenshot Template for Sketch 💎

This template allows you to quickly render and export the different screenshot sizes required for iPad apps by creating the largest size. Easily export 5 different screenshots in each size. Comes bundled with iPads in various colours for those of you who want to put your screenshots inside devices.

Download the iPad Screenshot Template

Launched Arcade Trail 🕹

I know that this isn't strictly about Apply Pixels, but most of you know that I work on several different projects at my little entertainment studio Northplay. This month we launched a new platform for game discovery and curation that I have been working on for a long long time. I'd be crazy if I didn't share it with you guys.

What is Arcade Trail?
Download Arcade Trail for iOS

Michael from Apply Pixels


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