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Hey friend, We're pushing into November and it seems that now – more than ever – is the time to make something nice. This past month has been full of interesting new tools and updates on Apply Pixels. I released a massive Android Wireframe kit. The iOS App Icon Template received major updates, introducing new sizes, previews and exports, and the new Android Phone Screenshot template will save you a ton of time.

Read on for more details about the new tools. If you still haven't joined the platform, NOW is an excellent time to subscribe and level up your design tools!

Let's make something nice 👉

Prototyping Powerhouse 💪

Another huge wireframing template was added to Apply Pixels this month. With the Android wireframe template you get a vast library of assets to quickly build out prototypes and mockups for Android Nougat apps. As usual you'll find a tutorial video of me walking you through the contents of the template and how I use it.

Download the Android Wireframe Template

Major updates to the iOS App Icon Template ✅

One of the most popular resources on the site, the iOS App Icon Template, was updated with new iOS10 notification sizes, previews and exports. The new file has optimised exports, a new naming scheme and a contents.json that completes the entire Xcode icon assets board(!)

Download the new iOS App Icon Template

Save a billion hours when making screenshots for Android 🤖

Like the very popular iPhone Screenshot Template, there's now a similar timesaver for people making screenshots for Android Phones. This template allows you to quickly render and export the 3 different screenshot sizes required for Android apps by creating the largest size. Bundled Smart actions also enables you to export up to 5 different screenshots in each size. Here's a video showing you how.

Download the new Android Phone Screenshot Template

Highlights this month 🗓

✳️ NEW: Android Wireframe UI Kit
✳️ NEW: Android Phone Screenshots template
✳️ UPDATE: iOS App Icon Template
💟 Updated templates now show changelogs on the site(!)
ℹ️ Tons of little changes to the site

What would you like to see on the site? 👋

Even after just a little more than 2 months of operations, Apply Pixels is growing into a little community. In the past 8 weeks more than 12 new high quality resources have been added all with their own in-depth video tutorials. I've answered hundreds of support requests, helping people feel empowered by these tools. But we've got a lot more to do. I currently have a long list of things that I'm working on, including more Sketch resources, improvements to existing resources and brand new ones. I take all of your feedback very seriously and I'd love to hear if there's something you'd like to see on the site? A certain resource missing? Just hit reply to this email and let me know.

Also, a little bonus: Last week I went to AdobeMAX in San Diego where I met a lot of amazing people. I gave a livestream showing my process and the tools available on Apply Pixels 🎥 You can watch the recorded livestream here

Sometimes the future seems unclear, but all change starts with you. Make the most of your November.

❤️ From Denmark.


Michael from Apply Pixels


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