February, 2017

Building for the Mac 


friend! February is a crazy short month. I hope you got something productive done? I'm here in your inbox again to tell you about this month's latest Apply Pixels news.

This month I launched a major new UI Kit: The macOS Sierra UI Kit. It is a BIG kit with meticulously crafted macOS vector assets covering a range of standard UI Elements – perfect for when you are designing apps for the Mac.

The Freebie Section got its first major update with The Social Media Images template being upgraded to 2.0. It now covers an extensive set of image templates for Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin. The iPhone Screenshot Template for Sketch got bumped to 2.0 and now also supports landscape orientation screenshots!

I hope you have an amazing month ❤️ From Denmark

Highlights this month 🗓

✳️ NEW: macOS Sierra UI Kit
✳️ UPDATE: iPhone Screenshot Template for Sketch
🎁 UPDATE: Social Media Image Templates
ℹ️ Optimized images and load times on the site

Check out the latest updates 👉

macOS Sierra in Gorgeous Vector 🤓

Having access to an assets board of standard UI elements is a real timesaver when you're putting together interfaces. With this new UI Kit you get meticulously crafted macOS vector assets including Finder, Menubar, Dock, Messages, Siri and Settings containers and controls. It's a great resource when designing apps for macOS.

Download the new macOS Sierra UI Kit

All of the Socialz 🌈

Last month I launched the first freebie: a template to help you produce better and faster social media images. This month that template has extensively been build out to cover a much broader range of images for both Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin. Oh, and it's free for non members.

Download the Social Media Images Template

iPhone Screenshot Template for Sketch 2.0 💎

Much requested, the iPhone Screenshot Template for Sketch now supports landscape orientation screenshots (Like its Photoshop Counterpart).

Download the iPhone Screenshot Template

Michael from Apply Pixels


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