December, 2016

A Christmas Gift 


Hi friend, the Holidays are almost here and It has been a month of updates at Apply Pixels. Every single template related to Screenshot making have received major point release updates and both the iPhone Screenshot template and the Android Nougat UI Kit is now available for Sketch.

Below you'll find the highlights of the month or you can read on for more details about the new tools, latest articles and a little Christmas 🎁: a new free design resource.

See you all in 2017 ❤️ From Denmark

Highlights this month 🗓

✳️ UPDATE: iPhone Screenshot Template
✳️ UPDATE: iPad Screenshot Template
✳️ UPDATE: Android Phone Screenshot Template
✳️ UPDATE: Android Tablet Screenshot Template
✳️ NEW: iPhone Screenshot Template for Sketch
✳️ NEW: Android Nougat UI for Sketch
🎁 NEW: Free Social Media Image Templates
💟 ARTICLE: "What Everyone Should Know About The Process of Designing Apps"
ℹ️ Little changes to the site

Holiday time is side project time 🌲👉

Improving Screenshots 💪

The four screenshot templates for iOS & Android have all been updated with new sizes, new building blocks and most importantly, new orientations. So now the much requested landscape / portrait variants can be found in separate files in all of the new 2.0 screenshot templates.

Download the new iPhone Screenshot Template

New Sketch Templates 💎

Both the Android Nougat UI Kit & the iPhone Screenshot template was updated with sparkling new sketch versions.

Download the new Android Nougat UI Kit for Sketch

Your Christmas Gift 🎁: Social Media Image Templates 

Making content for Social Media is an increasingly bigger part of everyones workload. Most of us, designers, developers and everyone in between create content for social media sometimes on a daily basis. In this frequent task, there’s actually a growing number of resolutions and dimensions to keep track of for each platform and each context. These templates will help you when you need quick canvases in the correct sizes for your social media content.

Download the free Social Media Image Templates

Michael from Apply Pixels


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