Start designing for iOS 10

Hi friend, I'm really excited to send you this email. Apply Pixels has been open for less than two weeks, reception has been tremendous and we already have two new design resources ready for you!

Tomorrow, Apple will unveil the new iPhone and with it (most likely) the release of iOS 10. So today we're launching a massive UI kit with meticulously crafted iOS 10 vector assets, and we're launching it for BOTH Sketch & Photoshop 😱 (Sketch is still a work in progress though). Last week we also released a new template for making iMessage App Icons.

Download the new iOS 10 UI Kit

Watch me use this resource to design a selfie app.
For cats. 🐱

As usual, I've made a detailed tutorial video on how to use this new resource, in which I take you through the contents of the template, how I work with it and ultimately demo it by designing an app that I'm expecting investors to fall in love with. 

We like Sketch too ❤️

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we've gotten since we launched is that you want to use these resources in Sketch. We hear you! Today we're excited to announce that the iOS 10 UI Kit is also available as a super awesome symbols-based Sketch download. It's still a work in progress but we expect it to be up to speed soon. We plan to roll out Sketch versions of all of our templates as we finish them. Keep an eye on these emails, our Twitter and Facebook for more Sketch updates.

Highlights this month 

✳️ NEW: iOS 10 UI Kit for both Sketch & Photoshop
✳️ NEW: iMessage App Icon for Photoshop
UPDATE: iPhone Screenshots Template [v1.2]
💟 Added support tool Intercom for realtime chat. Talk to me!
💟 We got Twitter & Facebook accounts
ℹ️ Tons of little changes to the site

Not too late to join the party 🎉

A HUGE thanks to those of you who have already signed up and are part of our little community. For those of you who are considering joining, I wrote a little article about why I think you should. If you're still confused as to what happened to there's a little video explaining this whole thing. If you have any questions, hit that reply button and ask away.

Have a great and productive September everyone!


Michael from Apply Pixels