Time to level up


Hi friend, October is here and I've got a range of new stuff to show you at Apply Pixels! I just released a massive new UI kit for Android Nougat (seriously this thing is a beast). We finally have an Apple TV App Icon Template (working with parallax and all) and several major templates are now available for Sketch. 😱

Read on for more details about the new tools. If you still haven't joined the platform, NOW is an excellent time to subscribe!

Check out the new resources 👉

Material Design like a boss 😎

With the release of Android 7.0 'Nougat' and Google's upcoming new phone, now is a great time to brush up on your material design skills. With the launch of the new Android Nougat UI Kit for Photoshop (Sketch coming soon) you've got a huge UI kit with meticulously crafted vector assets including most screens and common interface elements, controls, shapes, containers and icons. As usual I've made a video walking you through how to use this tool.

Download the Android Nougat UI Kit

Parallax with the best of them 🤓

Apps for tvOS allows you up to 5 layers of parallaxing inside the app icon. It wasn't easy, but we now have a super neat tool for creating Apple TV app icons. Watch me demonstrate this as I make an icon featuring... a bunny!?

Download the Apple TV App Icon Template

Major templates available for Sketch 💎

Both the iOS 10 UI Kit, the iOS App Icon Template and the iMessage App Icon Template now have sketch versions, complete with individual videos showing you how to work with each tool. The goal is to eventually have all templates available for Sketch.

Highlights this month 🗓

✳️ NEW: Android Nougat UI Kit for Photoshop
✳️ NEW: Apple TV App Icon Template for Photoshop
✳️ NEW: iOS 10 UI Kit for Sketch
✳️ NEW: iMessage App Icon for Sketch
✳️ NEW: iOS App Icon Template for Sketch
💟 Updated FAQ
ℹ️ Tons of little changes to the site

One month 🎉

Apply Pixels had its one month birthday the other week. It's been a crazy month and I feel like so much has happened already. I couldn't make this thing without those of you who have subscribed and I have never been more committed to making design tools than I am today. THANK YOU for helping me make this real. Hopefully we will empower many more designers to do great work and level up. If you're still confused about the whole move, watch this video. If you have questions or comments, just hit reply.

Have an idea-rich and productive October everyone!


Michael from Apply Pixels


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